The Complete Guide On Excuses for Missing Work

The Complete Guide On Excuses for Missing Work Featured Image NMTalks

As much as you would like to take a day or two off work, you may not have a good reason for doing that. This more so when you’ve had a hectic week, and your body is fatigued and can’t take any more work. Doing an urgent gig to escape the usual 9 to 5 will not be enough excuse to tell your boss. Maybe you had one too much the previous night due to a breakup, and your head is pounding hard from the hangover. To avoid the sack, you need to come up with a good excuse to tell your boss.


The thing about excuses is that they have to be convincing enough. To protect your career, we are going to discuss 12 unique excuses that you can pull off when you feel the need to skip a few days of work. Here we go:

First, we will start with four of the most common and good excuses. Afterward, we’ll give you four other bad and problematic excuses, and the last four will be great excuses that will allow you to pull it off.

Four Commonly Used Excuses That Are Good

Many bosses hate excuses for missing out on work. They believe that your absence will hurt the day’s productivity. However, not all excuses are bad. Some are good, and they don’t mean that you are missing work for some mischievous reasons. So, what makes a good excuse to skip work? Some of the most used good excuses are:

Being honestly sick, which can happen to anyone, may not be a flu that may hinder you from performing your duties, but you can still suffer from any ailment. As we are going to see below, an excuse doesn’t mean that you make up a lie. We have plenty of honest reasons that may force you to stay home on a working day.

They need to be convincing

You may sometimes need to lie a bit to make up an excuse. However, you need to make it believable to avoid any suspicions that may cause you a pay cut or a sack. One of the best things to do is to keep it simple and not make it sound like a Hollywood Blockbuster. In other words, don’t exaggerate.

Below are some of the best subject areas that will make perfect excuses if you want to skip going to work:

1. An ailment or a doctor’s appointment

You are human, and you often fall sick. Being sick may hinder you from performing your office duties, and your boss will understand. For a one day off work, a doctor’s notice isn’t necessary. If you are not sick, you need to review the terms of work. Your boss will believe you if you tell him or her that you have a crazy fever or a stomachache. Although it sounds kind of lame, it will work as an excuse to skip work for a day or two.

2. House emergency

Having an emergency such as a flooded bathroom or a broken boiler is also a great excuse to skip work. Plumbing issues sometimes occur in any home, and it’s not good to leave it unattended as it would result in other bigger issues. The boss will understand that things break down all the time. You can also claim that you need to attend to your sparking fridge, and it will still be a genuine reason to skip work.

3. Family emergency

A family emergency is also a good excuse if you want to skip work, more so if you have children. Kids often get sick and require more attention, and if you have such an issue, your boss will have to understand your reason for not going to work. You don’t need to be there all the time. Just call to check if they are getting well while you are running some errands.

Your spouse or parents may have serious health issues, and you have to attend to such emergencies. Don’t be so reckless to draw some of your distant relatives as this would create some suspicion. For an excuse to work, it needs some honesty in it.

4. Acceptance of a major delivered item

Another perfect reason for you to miss office duties is waiting for a major purchase that you ordered. Items such as fridges or furniture can’t be left on the doorstep. The owner needs to be there to accept it. You will get away with it if you tell your boss this as an excuse to skip work. It is hard to ask the delivery company to bring your items in the evening while at home, making this excuse quite believable. Such an excuse will work even if you are just waiting for a book.

Bad Excuses for Missing Work

Let’s now look at four of the most outrageous and bad excuses for skipping work. Most people think that bad excuses are those with lies in it. However, this is not always the case, as some of these excuses can also be true. You must weigh your excuse options carefully if you want to pull them off. If you are going to use the following true excuses, then your boss may not grant you the day off you are looking for:

The common denominator for problematic or bad excuses is:

They are lazy that anyone can tell that it is a convenient truth and not a convincing excuse. This simply means that your excuse may not hold any water if you are not trying to be remorseful for missing work. Sometimes it’s better to think hard about the excuse you intend to tell rather than telling anything you think will work as an excuse. It may be the truth, but not enough reason to skip work.

You can tell a bad excuse from the lack of explanation. You don’t want your excuse to have a storyline that sounds weird. The excuse should not also have to leave more questions than answers if you want it to sail through.

If you want to maintain that good relationship with your boss, you need to stir away from these outrageous excuses:

1. Using death as an excuse

Telling your boss that your mother or spouse is sick as an excuse is understandable. The worst excuse is saying that you are arranging your mum’s burial when she is actually not dead. Some employees have gone as far as claiming to lose their loved one twice, forgetting that they had used the same excuse once. Using death as an excuse is not good unless it has really happened to someone close to you. If it’s true, you will have to talk to your boss about it, and it won’t be an excuse for missing work but time off to mourn your loved one. Faking someone’s death is just wrong, more so if you are using it as an excuse for skipping work.

2. Car issues

With numerous transport services at your convenience, telling your boss that your car has broken down is not enough reason to skip work. Your boss will just tell you to get an Uber as one of the taxi-hailing apps to find out which one is around you and available. These services are found in almost any part of the world. If you were thinking of using this as an excuse, don’t waste your time.

3. Partying

Having a migraine from a hangover after partying the whole night is not a genuine reason for skipping work. Unless you are tired of work and you want to be fired, this excuse will not work. As a responsible adult, you need to know that you will have to report to work the next morning and therefore, parting the whole night is not a good idea.

4. Feeling tired

It’s common to wake up one morning and feel like crap! Going to work is the last thing you would want to do. Calling your boss to say that you won’t report to work because you are tired is a recipe for a sack. If you think that you are the only person that is feeling tired? Many of your colleagues feel that way, but they still go to work.

If you are fatigued all the time, it may be a health issue, and you may need to seek medical attention.

Funny Excuses for Skipping Work

The above excuses may get you that day off that you desperately need as bad as they sound. And then we have these funny and crazy excuses that real people have used to skip work. They are not bad as such, but when you use them, your boss may not know how to respond.

These funny excuses for missing work include:

An excuse that is reputable. This kind of claim can simply be proven as not true by the boss. With the information of all sorts at our fingertips, your boss can easily check online or call to confirm if what you are saying is true.

Remember that the excuse is to get a day off and not get the sack. You still need that job to pay the bills. Here are four examples of such excuses if you are brave enough to pull them off:

1.   Ghosts or aliens

The hangover that you are experiencing after parting the whole night may make you feel like you were abducted by aliens. Don’t even think of telling your boss this wild story if you want to uphold your good reputation. The same applies to claim to have seen a ghost or being haunted.

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2.  An Outrageous court case or an incident

Making up wild stories about participating in jury duty in a homicide case is a crazy idea for an excuse to skip work. The same applies to an incident of a dog chewing your car tire. The more outrageous the story is, the harder it is to believe. Some even go as far as telling the boss that that was a mix up of your plane tickets connecting flights.

It is quite hard nowadays to find such errors due to advanced tech. Instead of claiming to be involved in a freak accident, you can just tell your boss that you bumped your car, and you need to see a doctor.

3.   Assisting a distant relative who had a problem

It is very okay to look after your child who caught the flu, and your boss will understand this as an excuse. What will not make sense is you excusing yourself from work, claiming that you were looking after your grandmother’s cats while she visits the doctor. Such an excuse will work if that particular relative is very sick, and you are the only one around to take care of him or her. A relative’s nasty break up isn’t enough excuse for you to leave your office duties unattended.

4.   New job

Can anyone blame you for looking for a new job if the boss treats you like crap? However, if you are going to give this as an excuse to skip work, your boss may not like you, and you may seriously need another job when you get fired. It’s okay to look for a new job, just don’t rub it on your boss’s face. Instead of telling your boss that you want to switch to another job, just make up a lie about a family emergency.

How to Come Up with a Good Excuse for Skipping Work

If you are planning to skip work and you feel like the excuse is sufficient, there are ways to make it even better. These four simple steps will guarantee you that day off you badly need, and the boss won’t even suspect anything. To make it even better, you won’t need to put your career on the line.

These are what you need to for your excuse to work:

1. Find a good story and stick with it to the end

Know by heart what your excuse for skipping work is and fumble other stories that may make it look fishy. When you are telling it to your boss, don’t give him or her a reason for doubting you. Stick with the original story and die with it no matter what.

A lie will work well as long as you make it look true. Honesty is the best policy, but in this case, the whole truth may not give you what you are looking for.

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2. While calling your boss to state your excuse, remain confident

If you are confident enough, you may just pull off your excuse for skipping work. Remember, you can also send a business email to your boss, and it also needs to portray that you are confident. If you fumble with your words, it may give you away, and you may end up ruining the trust your boss has for you.

Don’t feel guilty, not showing up to work because you are looking for a better job, you are sick, or if tired. We all need that rare break once in a while that rejuvenates you to improve your delivery.

3. Make your excuse brief and alert your boss soon enough

It is always good to inform your employer that you are not going to make it to work in advance. When you do this, you make it convenient to find a temporal replacement until you report to work. If you don’t tell them that you are caught up, your absence may distrust daily operations at your workplace. When calling your manager or boss to explain your reasons for missing work, keep the conversation brief. It should also be straight to the point. You don’t have to reveal what you are suffering from to your boss if you are sick unless he or she asks.

4. Be willing and ready to face repercussions

If your excuse has a lie in it and you and it fails to add up, be ready to face the consequences. Some bosses ask for proof of why you didn’t show up to work. If you can’t provide any proof, own up to your lies if the truth spills out. You really don’t want to ruin your relationship with the boss because once trust is gone, it will take a lot to restore it.


Missing out a day or two of work is not a crime. You have been working your ass off for the company or business to make profits. Sometimes you need a break to re-energize. Don’t make excuses all the time to cover up for your laziness, as this may cost your job. Work is quite hard to find these days; therefore, don’t use going to a spa as an excuse. You may find yourself replaced for good!

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