Why is African American hair so different?

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Do you want to know why black people’s hair is dry and coarse? We have an answer for you who wanted to understand why black people’s hair distinguishes them from others. 

African hair produces a lot of protective oil: This has proven, according to a study, that African hair has oil called sebum. Therefore, it does not spread along with the hair fiber because of the curl without the lubricant, which results in the dry of hair. 

When you see the brittle strand flake and rough become coarse to touch. This is why American hair and Africa differ. 

Brittleness of Africa’s hair: This results as you add to the illusion and hair cannot grow long. The tight curl is used to create stresses of each turn in hair fiber to the strand and becomes weak.

Environmental: African environment is different from Americans. Therefore, the evolution of the people settling to another part of the world is not the same. Those people who agree on the other part of the colder environment will need to protect their hair scalp. 

Thickens and dense of Africa’s hair: Africa’s curled hair proves that protection of the fragile scalp is an exception to the heat and sun to reach your head skin. The sun in sub-Saharan Africa is beautifully evolved.

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Curling of hair 

People of Africa their hair allows you to hold braid styles and loc style for keeping your body cool. The curl of the hair helps to keep the sebum on the scalp instead of the hair shifted to make hair dry. That helps African hair to require less water maintenance to help them survive in a dry area.  

American hair grows faster than in Africa. This is because your hair losses are universal among the races. 

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African-American person has a lower density method of replacement of the hair, which differs. 

Black hair adapts to heat and sun: You cannot compare the heat of Africa-America it differs a lot. Therefore, an adaptation of the heat and sun is straightened hair for the transformation of the cold. Hair grows according to the climate. 

A warm area pulls the hair up to hold braided styles. The fact is that delicate hair used to break easily and keep your hair short of the neck. The sebum keeps the curl. 

Final words 

African hair is different from American people, as explained above, some of the differences. Africa countries are hotter compare to other continents. This makes their hair to become coarse rough. The texture of the hair helps to protect your scalp from the sun. The darker hair of higher has a volume of 80 to 90. We recommend you to apply bleach and developer directly to the scalp of the itching. I hope this article helps you to know the difference between America-Africa hair look. 

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