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This guide gives you all the details of what makes a good editorial in our articles. It will show you what our articles go through before being published. It has meant to guide our prospects and current writers of what required from them.

Before any article has published on NMtalks, one of our editors will work with the author to shape it first. Through the editorial process, the author’s key contact will be the editor. Editors have more experience in the topic the author is dealing with. Authors can also request opinions from editors. It is because editors have access to a panel of subject-specific reviewers.

These are the questions your editor will ask you in the editorial process:

  • Is the article suitable for NMtalks’s audience?
  • Are you writing a new article, or was it published elsewhere?
  • Is the information up to date and technically correct?

Since you are the expert on that topic, you have a right to disagree with the editor’s suggestions. However, you need to state your case clearly. Sometimes the editor may ask you to clarify the wording on the article. It doesn’t mean that the content is irrelevant or wrong.

Tools For Writing And Editorial Formats

What makes a good editorial are the tools used in writing and editing. Authors have to submit their articles or outlines on a platform that allows them to share comments with editors. That is why we advise our writers to use these two options:

  • Google Docs
  • Dropbox Paper

As a writer, don’t forget to give your document the correct permission to allow our editors to access your content for edits.

Our Guidelines

This information is vital for our writers before they begin writing for NMtalks:

  • Write For Us: This refers to the threshold of what we are looking for and how we can help you craft unique content.
  • Publishing Policy: These are details of what we can and what we cannot publish.

Moving through the Editorial Process

Outline Submission 

Before writing an article, the first thing you should do is submit your outline. It will help us gauge if the article meets the NMtalks requirements or not. We will also confirm if one of our writers is working on the same topic.

From the outline, we will know your subject matter and which angle you are going to use. The following info needs to be in your outline:

  1. Who is your article’s target audience? Do you want to address beginners in a specific niche, experts, or everyone in that niche industry?
  2. Upon reading your article, what will your target audience gain?
  3. What makes you the right author to write this article?
  4. You should list down the main points you are going to cover in the article, each having a brief description.

After drafting your outline, please send it to our contact form. If it’s your first time to submit, it’s a good idea to give links to your previous work. They could be of your blog or other web content. Once you have done this, our subject-specific editor or editor-in-chief will contact you.

Write The First Draft 

Once we have accepted your outline, the next thing you need to do is write down your first draft. Our editors welcome early ideas if you want. It will allow them to give you more feedback about your topic ideas.

Submit Your Draft 

Once you have done writing your first draft, add it to either Google Docs or Dropbox Paper. These tools make it easy for our writers to share their work with our editors. If there are any changes needed, the editor will explain it to you. The draft should have all the info we mentioned earlier. If it misses something, we are not going to accept your work.


Before we publish your first draft, our editors need to go through it first. If it doesn’t need a lot of work in terms of editorial formats and reviews, it’s going to take a short while. If there are many changes to be made, you will have to wait until we make it perfect.

In the editorial process, your editor will have one or two things to discuss with you. If you are writing a technical article or content that the editor is not familiar with, our review panel is there to help. Such a case will prompt the editor to get feedback and thoughts from the panel and present them to you.

Upon receiving feedback from the panel of what is needed, you will have time to make necessary changes.

The Final Draft 

After making all the needed changes and both of you are content with the article, it must first pass through the editor-in-chief. If he or she feels that the article has all it takes, it will head over to the final production stages. It involves proofreading to catch missed typos and grammar errors.

For us to accept the final draft, you have to include original images. We don’t accept stop images or images from other sites. Please go through our article template for more information.

Before we publish your article, you will be given a chance to go through it first. It will allow you to see all the edits made in the proofreading stage.


You will be notified of the date we expect to publish your article. You will also receive a message once the article goes live on our website. To promote your article, we advise you to share your article on social media. You should also follow up to know what our audience is saying about your article. Feel free to answer any questions and comments from our NMtalks audience!