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Effective TorrentKing Proxy Unblocked And Mirror Sites [2020]

Effective TorrentKing Proxy Unblocked And Mirror Sites 2020 Featured Image NMTalks

TorrentKing is a surprisingly remarkable torrent search engine equal to Rarbg Torrents. The site’s main objective is to hunt new files via DHT and attempt to match it with all similar movies. You will be surprised to see that the TorrentKing has more than 500k Movies to download and over 70000 videos to view online. The site offers premium movies, TV series as an open-source for its users. If you are a regular clientele, you can download the numerous films and series in HD quality. Besides the reasons, from the past few days, users are finding difficulty accessing the site randomly. It is occurring because of the new strict rules of the internet implemented on torrent sites. This marvelous site offers over 500k Movies that you can download using Utorrent or BitTorrent.

If you are a daily user of TorrentKing and too determined with it, you might face challenges finding different TorrentKing. The only thing your require is TorrentKing proxy and Mirror sites to disentangle your loveable torrent site. This is why I have collected a list of TorrentKing proxy and Mirror sites at the best of your interest. Have Fun!

The Essential List of TorrentKing Proxy/ Mirrors

The below-mentioned TorrentKing Proxy/Mirror sites are the clones version of the actual domain The torrentking proxy/Mirror sites have a similar theme, Torrents, and updates equal to the original domain, but on a numerous domain. If you are not able to scroll torrenting at any point, you need to utilize TorrentKing proxy sites mentioned below to disentangle it.

Torrentking Proxy/Mirrors Website URL mirror unblock unlocked
TorrentKing US Proxy
TorrentKing Proxy Mirror UK Proxy unblocked proxy
Torrentking Alternatives

These Torrentking Proxy/ Mirror sites go through profound testing each hour for speed and availability purposes. The provided list of torrenting proxy sites is in function 100%. You can assuredly move ahead and browse the websites for enjoyment.

Interesting facts about Pirate Bay

TorrentKing-Pirate bay

Since the Pirate Bay does walk around significantly, its presence is around in one form or another for quite a long time. The Pirate bay is the most trustable site to download Torrents and other efficient features that allow you to visualize whether a seeder is trusted. This search engine is very useful in working, and uploads are usually speedily available for fresh content.

Since the site has been around for a long time, you may feel some issues accessing it. Once you grab the basics of it, it is easier for you to download the desired content. We recognize you must look for VIP seeders because it is proper signage that the material is secure, and you don’t have to face any possible malware issues.



LimeTorrents is one of the better options in case you are looking for legal torrents. The site offers a gigantic database that is rapidly updated with fresh content, and the legal torrents are among the biggest on the web today. It is known as one of the top-notch torrents for music.

Timely, the sites offer you an ample amount of explicit content; it’s easy to decide whether it is beneficial downloading. Seeders and leechers can be seen with ease on this site. Every file evolves a health meter that helps to ignore possible risk full content. LimeTorrent is the most excellent product we recognize the value it offers.



If your interest is in movies, then RARBG is your cup of tea. It contains an important details page and will demonstrate everything to you when it approaches your files. On the top, the first utmost ten list will assure that you acknowledge the significance of a movie, and it will be easier for you to locate new releases.



TORLOCK is the most efficient site in case you are seeking to ignore possible bogus torrents. Navigation of TORLOCK is more comfortable, and it provides a vast database of content that you may download. It also countenances the top 100 essential lists that will demonstrate equivalent information you need to know and which is in trend in the present market.

The most loving thing about TORLOCK is that it offers perks $1 for providing information on bogus torrents. As per the site, they acquire more than 5 million trustable torrents that signify you achieve what you are seeking during downloading.



If you see yourself as a movie lover then YTS.AM/YTS.AG makes your discovery ends. The specialty of this site is only movies and offers a vast directory that will able you to discover what you are seeking desperately. The torrents are also familiar known to go smooth on bandwidth.

It has a good user base with desperate seeders that will assure you can stream your favorite content with stimulated effort and linger time.



TorrentDownloads is the other top-notch site that promises you to offer practical and efficient torrents. The website features a direct valuable information page, and with a gigantic database, it will be beneficial for you to discover your favorite content hassle-free. The relevant information is also visible about every bit of the torrents you may select. If you are seeking for torrents for books, then your journey ends at torrents downloads.

The site also features a comment section where users can leave their valuable comments once downloading is accomplished. This process helps identify bogus torrents and help the community to recognize the difference between real and fake torrents. It is one of the superior options if you are looking for trustable torrents.

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ETTV Torrents


If you love to watch TV shows then ETTV torrents is a remarkable option. The site is well organized, and the features make it easier to locate old and new TV shows. The place is not ideal for movie lovers, but you may find a few movies if you are desperate to watch them.



It’s not a torrent site in original, but Torrentz2 profoundly supports users to locate the prominent torrents for the content they are seeking from a vast directory of numerous torrent sites. It will help you scan most of the existing torrent sites and discover the suitable option that will help your needs. It is beneficial to create older content that you were not able to locate on your own.

Torrent Galaxy

TorrentKing-torrent glaxy

Torrent galaxy is one of the most excellent websites designs with few obstacles adds that are NSFW. The directory is ordinary, and you may discover a massive database of content that you might be seeking for a long time. It may not be among popular sites but slowly and gradually gaining faith seeders.



NYAA.SI is one of the famous torrent sites popularly known for the Anime content available on the website. It has a considerable prominence for better quality torrents and downloads that will ensure you find what you are seeking hassle-free. However, the site does have un-certain ads that you need to watch as well.



Although ETTV has blamed them for snatching their content, the site is yet active. You may not be able to find all the content here, but continuously the website ranks on top for esteem content. The only disheartening thing is that the site may go down timely, but it finds an alternative to reappear.



TorrentFunk is known as the complete site, and it is quite equal to another top-notch option we have witnessed so far. The kudos go to the verified torrents and defined malware. However, the database is not the largest on the web. Whatever you need to download from the site will surely verify and feature constant quality.

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If you are fresh to BitTorrent, this is one of the most excellent methods to get you into the favorable side. With a smooth interface, hassle-free, you can download what you are seeking here. The fluid interface is the only reason why people love to utilize it and recommend it to others.


TorrentKing-7tor VPN

It may not be the most excellent site, and although it appears as a Russian torrent site, it acquires the majority of its traffic from Pakistan. The site does have a gigantic database, but its stability is not guaranteed until garners support web hosting. It is considered as the top-notch sites while it is functioning.

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When finally VPN is installed, you need to navigate any particular TorrentKing proxy/Mirror sites; then, it will rapidly disentangle the website for you. So, all your worries will come to an end. Eventually, I believe the essential list of sites such as TorrentKing helped you.

How to Unblock TorrentKing

There are numerous methods to implement to disentangle TorrentKing at times your ISP blocks it on official’s orders. Below mentioned are the most trustable ones.

Tor Browser


TOR is a private network configuration of mixtures of computers connected to browse the internet rapidly. The Tor Browser can be used to disentangle any geo-restricted sites such as Desitorrents quickly. To disentangle Desitorrents simply types in the URL in the browser address section and press Enter.

Download TOR Browser

Web Proxy


The prompt thing strikes your mind when to see any blocked site is a third web proxy and the VPN application. However, most of the time, proxy sites don’t offer the security promise and drop down the internet connection. The presence of malicious scripts may severely affect your computer.

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Source: Hak5

Unblock via VPN


VPN is a better method to browse on torrent sites. The VPN job not only disentangles blocked websites but also provides extra security features during the time you are browsing the sites.

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