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The Best Unblocked Torrentz2 Proxy List Alternatives Featured Image NMTalks

Torrentz2 is one of the many torrent search engines that sprang up when the original Torrentz went down. But of all these, Torrentz2 popularity is the most widespread. The interface is, every inch, similar to Torrentz’s save for the domain name It also uses the same database as the original site. Dubbed the Google of torrents, Torrentz2 searches tons of other torrent websites when users search for torrents on it. The beauty of it is that you can use a Torrentz2 proxy to unblock Torrentz2 whenever your ISP blocks it.

Where Can I Get a torrentz2 Proxy?

If you are looking for a Torrentz2 proxy, you can find a lot of them on the web as freebies. What a Torrentz2 proxy does is that it acts as an intermediary that receives requests on behalf of Torrentz2. It then returns the results it fetches from its database. In other words, a Torrentz2 proxy lets you access all services Torrentz2 offers its enthusiasts.

Here is a list of some of the popular proxies and mirror sites you can use to unblock Torrentz2:

Torrentz Proxy/Mirror Status Speed ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Fast ONLINE Normal ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Normal ONLINE Fast ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Fast ONLINE Fast ONLINE Very Fast OFFLINE N/A ONLINE Normal ONLINE Fast ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Fast ONLINE Slow ONLINE Fast ONLINE Normal ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Normal OFFLINE N/A ONLINE Fast
TorrentZ Search Engine Proxy ONLINE Normal
Torrentz Unblocked ONLINE Fast
Torrentz Torrent Proxy ONLINE Slow
Torrentz2 Proxy Unblocked ONLINE Normal OFFLINE N/A
Torrentz Unofficial Proxy ONLINE Normal
Torrentz Mirror Site ONLINE Slow
Torrentz Proxy Site ONLINE Normal
Torrentz2 Search Engine Proxy ONLINE Slow
Torrentz2 Unblock ONLINE Normal

Perhaps you are wondering what a mirror site could be. Well, it is a clone of an original site. It bears a different domain name, and the server that hosts it is different from the one web hosting the original site. Therefore, a Torrentz2 mirror is an addition to the toolkit you use to unblock Torrentz2. So, you can use the Torrentz2 proxy or mirror of your choice to work around the clampdown on Torrentz2 and continually enjoy the services it offers you.

What When a Torrentz2 Proxy Doesn’t Work?

There is a possibility of a Torrentz2 proxy. You may try out failing to work. The thing is that some modern firewall solutions can detect and block an array of proxies. And Torrentz2 proxies are not an exception. Luckily, there is yet another workaround in the form of a virtual private network (VPN).

Most VPNs can unblock Torrentz2 and other geographically-blocked content. VPNs conceal your online activities from your ISP and hackers in cyberspace. Nobody will know you are accessing content on Torrentz2 when you are using a VPN. Some of the popular VPNs you can use to unlock Torrentz2 and download your favorite Torrentz2 movie, and other stuff include:

Note that, unlike a Torrentz2 proxy or mirror, VPNs are not freebies. And if you are lucky to get a free VPN, chances are it may not unblock Torrentz2 and other blocked content. So, if you are looking for a reliable solution, prepare to part your way with some good cash for quality VPN services. There are many VPN vendors on the web with different price plans in case you have an interest in procuring one.

Alternatives to Torrentz2

We have discussed three workarounds in this article which can help you unblock Torrentz2. These are Torrentz2 proxies, Torrentz2 mirrors, and VPNs. If it turns out that none of them works for you (it rarely happens), you can try out alternatives to Torrrentz2.

Let’s take a look at some of the options available on the web.

The Pirate Bay

Torrentz2 Proxy-Pirate bay

The pirate Bay, popularly known as TPB, is a peer to Torrentz2. Its interface has a search option that resembles Google’s. TPB is among the oldest and most popular torrenting sites on the internet. Much as the platform is on and off, it is easy to download your favorite movie and other available torrents once it is up. Besides, TPB shows you all trusted seeders. That’s a great level of protection against the likelihood of downloading malware to your computer.

Another upside is that there are TPB mirror sites via which you can access its content. The mirrors are frequently updated with content from the database of The Pirate Bay. Here are some of the TPB mirrors available on the web:


Torrentz2 Proxy-RARBG

RARBG is said to have the largest database of free movies on the web. It teems with the latest blockbusters and classic movies alike. If you are a movie fanatic, this is one of the kick-ass sites you can ever come across. What is more, it shows you a list of the best and trending movies for you to identify the latest with much ease. The search and filtering options make your search for torrents easy and fast.

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Torrentz2 Proxy-torlock

This is another great torrenting site. It has a huge directory comprising different torrents and an impressive design that is easy to navigate. Also, this is a platform that pays users $1 per fake torrent they may find on the site. That means the odds of bumping into fake torrents are marginal, and users have a convincing level of protection against malware.

The site claims to have verified torrents in the array of 5+ million. That is an amazing statistic at any rate, and users are thus sure to get what they are looking for. Plus, TORLOCK features a list of the top popular and latest content in different categories.


Torrentz2 Proxy-ytsam

AM/YTS.AG is another platform that specializes in movies and is worth checking out if you are into movies. It has suffered bans and blockades on several occasions, just as is the case with many other sites of its nature. However, it has proxies and mirrors that ensure you continue to access it and download your favorite torrents as usual. Additionally, the download speeds are terrific, and the torrents are friendly to your bandwidth.


Torrentz2 Proxy-torrentdownloads

Yet another site that gives you concise results when searching for content. The interface may look simple, but you can still get your favorite movies, games, TV shows, and more. It displays information about each torrent and removes fake content as soon as possible. It has great speeds and a filtering option that makes your search for torrents easy.

TorrentDownloads has a comment section where users can rate the torrents they have downloaded. That is one of the ways through which the platform determines fake torrents for removal. So you can be sure of getting reliable content from the site. E-book lovers find this platform a thrill from the vast collection of books it avails to them.

ETTV Torrents

Torrentz2 Proxy-ettv

As the name suggests, this site mostly deals with TV shows. You can get the latest TV shows as well as timeless classics on it. Fans who are passionate about obscure TV shows find ETTV Torrents pleasurable. You can still get some movies much as the site focuses much on TV shows.


 Torrentz2 Proxy-1337x Torrent Unblock

This is a popular torrent site that has a massive directory of torrents. It uses the BitTorrent protocol and supports P2P file sharing. 1337x has music, TV shows, movies, and other stuff you may want to check out and download. However, the site fell victim to the crackdown on torrent websites and was brought down. But like many other competitors, 1337x has proxies and mirrors that connect you to its database to continue enjoying the services it offers.

Torrent Galaxy

Torrentz2 Proxy-torrent glaxy

Torrent Galaxy may not be the most popular torrenting site on the internet, but its traffic is gradually rising. You will notice that the number of trusted seeders on the platform is also on the upward trend. It has a large database that increases your chances of finding the content for which you are looking. Furthermore, it has one of the neatest designs in the industry, and searching for content is easy.


Torrentz2 Proxy-nayasi

This platform is certainly one of the most popular anime content providers. Its cartoon directory is said to be one of the biggest on the web. But it doesn’t just have anime content only. You can as well find your favorite movies and TV shows on NYAA.SI.


Torrentz2 Proxy-eztv

EZTV is one of the torrenting sites that have suffered a bad reputation from accusations of stealing content from its competitors. You can still get good quality content on the site, even so. However, it is one of those sites that are riddled with frequent downtime.

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Torrentz2 Proxy-torrentfunk

TorrentFunk has considerable popularity among torrenting platforms due to its reputation for verified content. The odds of downloading malicious malware are minimal because of the content verification policy they have. It doesn’t have much to offer from its lean database, but you can at least get impressive content from the site.


Torrentz2 Proxy-YourBittorrent

YourBittorrent is yet another site that boasts a fine design. Note that the website doesn’t host torrents. It is a torrent tracking platform that simply stores information about other torrenting sites where you can find the content you are looking for. And it provides users with links to different sources of torrents.


Torrentz2 Proxy-7tor VPN

7tor is not a household name, but you can get something from the site, nonetheless. It has movies, video games, Tv shows, and other stuff. Lovers of obscure content can also get something that interests them. However, 7tor is another website with frequent downtimes. So download your stuff as soon as you find the platform running.

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Final Thoughts

Using a Torrentz2 proxy lets, you access all services the platform offers its fans whenever internet service providers block it. The bans on torrenting sites should not stop you from enjoying your favorite Torrentz2 movie and other stuff. Besides the proxies, you can also use Torrentz2 mirrors available on the web. A virtual private network is the surest and long-term workaround you can use to unblock Torrentz2. Besides, there are alternatives to Torrentz2 on the internet. Use whichever option you may find suitable for you to access the services you get from Torrentz2.

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