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WordPress is the preferred platform when it comes to running all kinds of websites. What makes it a popular platform is the numerous plugins that make it efficient. Some of these plugins are used to create surveys. It is quite hard to choose the right survey plugin since there are many of them in the market today. After testing several tools to create survey forms on our website, we concluded that WPForms is the best survey software.

This article will show you how to easily create a survey using WPForms and other useful features this nifty plugin offers. In the end, you will notice that WPForms is the best tool for creating beautiful reports.

How to Choose The Best Survey Software

We’ve just mentioned that there are many WordPress plugins used to create survey forms. Although most of them create wonderful forms, they ruin their good attributes by storing these surveys in third party servers. Another thing that draws them back is how they offer limited customization options.

Other survey form builders even limit the number of responses that you can gather from your users with inflated monthly costs if you want to get more responses. It is a wise choice if you can run your surveys without relying on third-party apps. But is there a form builder that can help you create survey forms without depending on third-party services? Yap and that awesome form creating a tool for WordPress are WPForms.

Their new WordPress surveys and polls addon allows you to create survey forms with ease on your WordPress website.

Among the survey features that you are going to get from this form include:

  • Easily create forms using the drag and drop form editor
  • Has smart survey fields like Likert Scale, Rating, and more
  • Based on the user’s input, you can personalize your survey fields using the conditional logic feature
  • Using WPFormsmakes it easy to create interactive survey reports that contain bars, graphs, charts, and tables
  • Ones can export survey graphs as JPEG, PDF, or even as Print Formats
  • Survey results can be exported as CSV

With that in mind, it’s now time to show you how to create a survey form on your website.

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Building a Survey Form in WordPress

Before doing anything else, you need to install and activate the WPForms form builder on your website. The process is the same as installing any other WordPress plugin.

If you want to benefit from the polls and survey addon from the best survey software, you will have to pay for the Pro plan. When you are done activating the plugin, the next thing is to enter your license keys, and you can do this by navigating to the WPForms then Settings page. The license keys are found on the WPForms website under your account.

 Survey Software-WPForms website

What follows next is visiting the WPForms and then the Add Ons page. Once you are there, scroll down to find the Surveys and Polls addon. To install the survey addon click on the Install addon button. The Activate button will allow you to start using the addon, so clicking it is the next step.

 Survey Software-WPForms Addons

You are now ready to create the survey form. To create a new survey form, head over toWPForms » Add New page. The WPForms’ drag and drop form builder interface will display on your screen.

In this section, providing the name of your survey form is the first thing you need to do. When you are done with that, click on the Survey Form template. A sample customer feedback form template will load containing several fields on the form.

feedback form template

Editing any field is as easy as pointing and clicking on a particular field. The drag and drop editor allows you to rearrange the fields, and you can also remove some of the fields if you want to. The left column allows you to add other fields.

Fields normally used in a survey form are all supported by WPForms, making it the best survey software. These fields include text input, radio buttons, drop-down, Likert scale, checkboxes, rating scale, and many more. Building interactive surveys are made super easy with these fields.

Since WPForms has the conditional logic feature, meaning questions you intend to ask in your survey can be personalized based on what the user entered in the previous fields.

conditional logic

Remember to save your settings by clicking on the Save button; otherwise, the changes will not apply. Once you have clicked on the Save button, exit the form builder by clicking the Close button.

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Inserting the Survey Form in Your Website

Since WPForms is one of the best survey software, adding your forms anywhere on the website is very easy. The form builder allows you to add your survey form to any post, page, sidebar, or custom post type.

To do this, head over to the post edit screen and click on the ‘Add Form’ button. Once you do this, a popup will display to select the earlier created survey form. Proceed by clicking the Insert Form button.

 Survey Software-Add Form

Once you finish clicking on the Insert Form button, a form shortcode is added to the post editor.

When you are through editing the post, go on to publish it. To see your survey form live in action, just visit your website.

your survey form

With WPForm’s best survey software, it is easy to insert your survey form into any widget ready area or sidebar. To do this, go to your WordPress admin area and navigate to Appearance. Once you’ve done that, drag the WPForms widget to any sidebar.

 Survey Software-Appearance Widgets

Select the survey form you created earlier in the widget settings. Don’t forget to click on the Save button to save the changes you made. To confirm whether the survey form displays in the sidebar, just visit your website.

 Survey Software-displayed in the sidebar

CheckingResults on Your Survey Form

WPForms is loved by many because it displays survey results beautifully in the form of graphs and charts. Printing and exporting the survey results to use in your spreadsheet software is also possible.

Viewing your survey results requires you to visit WPForms » All Forms page and then click on the ‘Survey Results’ link found beneath the survey form.

WPForms All Forms

Your survey responses will display beautifully on the results page in the form of an interactive chart and tables. If you like, your users’ responses can be exported to a single question or the entire survey.

entire survey

There are options available at the top that allow you to switch to different chart types and export options. WPForms allows you to save each survey result as PDF, JPEG, or Print formats. This makes it easy for you to share them on blog posts, social media, or presentation slides.


Converting any Form into a Survey

Do you have any form that you created earlier? With WPForms you can turn any form into a survey form. By doing this, it makes it easier to show past results as a survey. Moreover, specific form fields can be selected and treated as survey fields.

If you want to use the information gathered from your previous forms, this feature is particularly useful. These forms include user registration forms, contact forms, or newsletter sign up forms.

You can simply edit the form in WPFormsto to convert an existing WPForms form into a survey by going to the Settings » Surveys and Polls section. Changes are saved after checking the box next to the ‘Enable Survey Reporting’ option.

Enable Survey Reporting

For an individual form field, survey reporting is enabled by editing the form and then clicking on the field you want to activate.

On your left side, beneath the ‘Field Options’ section, click on the Advanced Options and then check the ‘Enable Survey Reporting’ option.

Field Options

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That was fun, wasn’t it? You have seen how easy it is to add a survey form on your WordPress website. I believe you can now add a survey form on your own with WPForms. This WordPress form builder is the best option if you want to create stunning survey forms on your WordPress website.

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