What Are The Stages Of Eyebrow Transplantation?

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Look no besides your beloved 90s series to see how eventually the eyebrow trend has evolved over the years. From the light pencil curve to thick eyebrows, the perfect brow remains to grow. In recent years, complete but preserved eyebrow aesthetics have developed. And brief and semi-permanent procedures such as brow lamination and microblading have begun to add strength and form. But what if you see a more robust solution to enhance your eyebrow form and size? Then eyebrow transplant will help you.

Another vital feature of brow operations is the stages of the process. If you have this surgery and need excellent and well-shaped eyebrows.

Steps of Eyebrow Transplant Operation:

This needs forming a personalized operation plan based on the unique wants of the patient. The eyebrow transplantation process comprises three stages.

  • Discussion and Planning
  • Removal of Grafts
  • Transplanting the grafts

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Three steps of eyebrow restoration:

As a standard of 200 to 300 grafts is obliged for an eyebrow transplant. The method usually takes about 2-3 hours. These are the three steps to take on the day and the following day, the next operation. Below is a short explanation of these steps:

Discussion and planning: The purpose of the eyebrows is defined during the physical review. In this phase, the doctor emerges with an operation plan reflecting the patient’s facial traits and individual wants. The doctor will evaluate the receiver area and hair from the donor area.

Graft Removal: This is the first stage of surgery. You can take donor grafts using the unshaved process usually used on people with long hair. The short number of grafts needed also makes this method simple to perform. Graft harvesting using the unshaven process only needs shaving a tiny area on the back of the head. So ​​the unshaved part of the word points to the fact that the rest of your hair meets a petite shaved size. The shaved area where the graft was removed is not apparent to others. When extracting hair follicles. Only individual hair is excluded, while other transplant methods prioritize many hair transplants. With eyebrows, just single hair can obtain a general aesthetic look. A local anesthetic is used in the donor area before the removal method.

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The transplant starts: The receiving area (eyebrows) is then also numbed. The Implant Pen is used for grafting hair follicles, taking into account the precise angle and path of hair growth. This method is also crucial for gaining an aesthetic look.


Eyebrow restoration gives a lasting way to refill and reform eyebrows. As with old head hair transplants, this kind of hair restoration requires extracting individual follicles or layers from the donor area to be grafted into the eyebrows. Most people who try an eyebrow transplant have more delicate arches due to genetics, injury, or illness. Ideally, patients must have donor hair that suits their current brow hair, and regular keeping should be there, as grafted hair grows quicker than real brows.

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