Simple Tools and Speed Hacks to Raise WordPress Site Vitals Score

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Are you looking for the modes to load WordPress websites faster? Boosting the speed of your website will also increase the user experience and, most importantly, raise website traffic at a higher pace and boost search engine optimization (SEO).

Therefore, in this article, we will suggest some essential tools to speed up the WordPress site performance. So let’s get started:

How to Raise the Speed of Your WordPress Site

There are many aspects on which the speed of WordPress depends. It involves your website hosting, the plugins you are using, photos, settings of your website, external scripts, and more. However, with these hacks, you will enhance your performance and speed up your WordPress website. It is time to jump right into the following hacks:

Pick the right kind of WordPress Hosting.

Website hosting is one of the essential factors for the accomplishment of your WordPress website. It is the place where all documents and content are stored. And utilizing the precise kind of hosting can speed up or slow down your website.

Blue shot or site ground are the top shared website hosting services that assure you provide the best performance and fast website speeds. But one of the drawbacks of using these hosting services is that they use the same server resource as other websites. This implies that if any other websites have more traffic or attract more traffic, they require these resources more than you. As an outcome, it might influence the speed of the WordPress website.

Applying a Caching Plugin to Enhance Response Time

This hack we have for you is to make use of a caching plugin for your WordPress website. It lessens the load time of your website and enhances the server response time.

So, How Does it work?

When a visitor goes to your website in a browser, WordPress brings all data from the database and runs many steps to produce the web page. As an effect, this can slow down the speed of your website if most of the people visiting the site at the same time.

speed hacks-Caching Plugin

However, the caching plugin fixes this problem. Caching stores sometimes instantly request info and fasten your website speed. After the first load, the caching plugin will copy the web page and will depict the cached version to the visitor as they open your website. This lets WordPress overlook several steps and does not require producing any page from scratch. I suppose you are hunting for the premium option. In this situation, we suggest you use WP rocket as it is user-friendly. It lets you cache your website just by single click promptly and gives other features to speed up the WordPress website.

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Optimize Images Using a Compression Tool

Having big images can also have a notable impact on your WordPress website speed. There is no doubt that pictures are crucial for giving a friendly user experience, but they could decrease your site if they are not optimized accurately.

When you take a photo from your phone or use a stock image and upload them straight to your website, the gallery will have a big size. This implies that it will take higher for it to store when a visitor views the web page.

To optimize your photos, you can use various image confining tools. For instance, TinyPNG is a free tool that compresses PNG and JPEG pictures.

Just upload the photos, and the tool will lessen its size. If you feel that the size of the picture is still vital, then reupload the compressed image to the tool.

compression tool-Speed Hacks

Another method to optimize WordPress pictures is by using photo editing software.

Speed Up Website Load Time with a CDN

Utilizing the option of content delivery network or CDN, you can speed up a WordPress website and make sure that the page loads promptly for the visitors, no matter where they are placed. The area of your web hosting server and the location of your visitor can influence your website speed.

CDN Networks-Speed Hacks

For instance, let us say that visiter is residing in Australia visits your website, but that website’s server is being hosted from Canada. The visitor will undergo a slow loading time in comparison to someone who is residing in Canada.

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Make Sure Your WordPress Site is Updated

Your website speed can also upgrade by making sure that you are practicing the latest version of WordPress. It is just as vital as keeping your plugins and themes updated. Keeping WordPress updated adds new characteristics, fixes bugs, and defends against security problems that could show your site and lead to poor loading time.

To verify the latest version of your WordPress, the following easy 3 steps are required:

  • log in to your WordPress site
  • go to dashboard
  • click on updates

wordpress website-Speed Hacks

Thus you can verify the new updates and embed them on your website.


I hope the article has provided you with the information you were aspiring to acquire to fasten up the speed of WordPress. The mentioned hacks are simple to execute and will lead you to increased traffic on your websites. I will surely try to clear all doubts and queries. If you have any doubt or confusion, you can drop a comment in a comment box below.

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