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Romantic Gifts That Speaks Of Love and Romance

romantic gifts- Romantic Gifts That Speaks Of Love and Romance

Love is wonderful, and nothing says I Love You like a bouquet or composition of romantic flowers. Typically, a brilliant bouquet of red roses is the go-to gift for sending a message of love to your beloved one. There is no doubt the person getting the red roses will get the message you are conveying.
But a dozen carried red roses, covered or in a jar, are only one choice of the many different romantic flowers and romantic gifts you can prefer that also depict romance and love. To help you know the choices available, we chose to profile 5 romantic gifts to the traditional red rose.

Peonies Bouquets- Romantic Gifts

Romantic gifts- Peonies

Peonies are iconic with their big, thick, and rounded ruffled petals that send a complex, bright look and feel. Individual or in a bunch, the peony is a show stopper that means victory, good luck, and a happy wedding. It should come as no surprise that the peony means romance and romantic love. Peonies are favored in Chinese culture, and the exact version of the name means most appealing.

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romantic Gifts- Anemones

It is a usually told story from Greek belief that says Aphrodite dropped tears of anemone petals after hearing of the death of Adonis in Greek mythology. The anemone, which unfolds its petals in the morning and shuts them at night, has a colorful flower with a deep, round center on a tall, slim stalk. Anemone flowers are also identified for their use in herbal medicines and are said to ward off disease and keep our health safe.


romantic gifts- Anthurium

A classic tropic flower, the anthurium expresses generosity, wealth, and happiness. This tropical flower is exotic and formed like a heart, making it ideal for a composition and romantic gifts to send a message of love. The shining, broad heart-shaped spathes and slim bright-colored spadices send a potent sign of love.


Romantic gifts- Orchids

Modern, rich, and striking in its shape, the orchid bouquet is another romantic gifts that sends love and romantic feelings. The phalaenopsis orchid, usually known as the Moth Orchid, is local to Southeast Asia, China, Taiwan, and the Indian Subcontinent. The Moth orchid is planted in greenhouses in the San Diego area as well. They come in a bright mix, holding hot pink, deep orange, vibrant yellow, yellow lotion, and white, and are ideal for modern wedding bouquets and mantelpieces. The bloom’s wide, flat pedals can be solid tones, spotted, or lined and are one of the most costly flowers to have in Valentine’s Day compositions. If cared for suitably, the flowers can last for weeks and at times for months.


Romantic gifts- Tulips

Red Tulips are a perfect symbol of love and passion and one of the most prevalent choices for a Valentine’s Day gift. Tulip sales account for 15% of the entire domestic flower sales amount and are simply one of the most traditional flowers. In a bunch, typically ten stems or as part of a more extensive composition, tulips are a more affordable option if the long-stem red roses are a bit too costly. Tulips come in different colors, holding red, yellow, white, purple, blue, and pink, not considering the changes with a mixture of shades. The tulip’s lazy, strong growth adds to their charm and beauty significantly as the temperatures vary from morning to night.

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So, there you have it, a not too brief summary of the top romantic flowers and a bit of history on each. You are sure to be reliable if you prefer a bouquet with a vital amount of value, be it red, pink, or tones of burgundy and purple. Choose orange, yellow, or white if you try to deliver a message of friendship, passion, and wealth.

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