PRP for hair loss treatment and its cost

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Many past users have had a good experience with the treatment and recommend it for potential users. This has found the popularity of the increasing treatment day by day.

The PRP hair treatment is a non-surgical treatment that uses the stem cells and the growth factors from one person’s blood to trigger hair growth from its hair follicles. The initial procedure entails drawing the blood of the patient in specialized tubes, which are later transferred in a centrifuge for some minutes. Below is the procedure of this kind of treatment.


The centrifuge is used to separate the platelets from other parts of the blood. After removing the platelet, the reminder is the plasma that contains the red and the white blood cells. The plasma is kept aside as your main is the platelet-rich plasma that you need for this treatment. This plasma is then kept aside, and the gravity will allow the platelets to drop down out of the suspension. Therefore, you will need to devise ways to collect it at the bottom of the tube. The denser part of the solution is known as the platelet-rich, which is the main focus for this kind of treatment. First, collect the upper layer of the platelet-poor plasma and discard it. Later you will have the PRP solution that you are about to use for the hair loss treatment.

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After that then you will have your PRP injected back into the scalp using either the subdermal or the dermal procedure. The subdermal procedure is where the PRP is injected into your subcutaneous layer of fat in your scalp with the use of a long needle. Here you will have fewer injections. Otherwise, you can have the PRP injected back via the dermal procedure. This one is where it is injected into the layer of your scalp with the use of short needles, but you will need several injections. This solely is determined by what you prefer. Better yet, your doctor can advise you on the best procedure that you should follow for your situation to be corrected perfectly.


Typically, the PRP treatment procedure goes through three treatments within four to six weeks. However, the patient will need about six months of maintenance for full recovery and results. The cost of this procedure varies depending on many factors in the likes of the cosmetic doctor, location, quality of the equipment, and the addition to the nutritive components. In general, the procedure may cost from $1500 to $3500 for the full procedure. No insurance plan wants to pay for the PRP for your hair treatment because it is in many instances considered to be cosmetic. Therefore, the insurance will not cover the treatment. If you don’t that, you can ask the practitioner or, better still, check on your insurance whether it covers the PRP therapy.


If by any chance, the loss of your hair is disturbing you, there are many types of medications that you can have, like the hair transplant, Rogaine, or the Propecia. Besides that, PRP therapy is another amazing consideration that we have just discussed. But, it is always advisable to talk to your doctor to confirm the best treatment that will suit you better.

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