What are the Advantages of PRP hair Transplant for hair loss?

prp hair transplant- What are the Advantages Of PRP hair Transplant for hair loss?
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PRP is a blood protein that has a growth factor. It helps regenerate and revive sick body cells. It’s that principle that’s useful for PRP hair treatment.
PRP is one method that patients and doctors have embraced as a hair restoration method. It’s practical and cost-effective. Let’s check the advantages of PRP hair transplant that may make you choose it for your hair loss treatment.

Non-surgical PRP Hair Transplant

prp hair treatment- Non-surgical prp hair transplant

PRP hair therapy involves needle injections only. The doctor extracts the blood from your arm, prepares PRP from the blood, and injects the platelet-rich plasma on your scalp.
The process takes place at the doctor’s office. Since there’s no surgical process, it has minimal side effects and takes a short time to recover.

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Besides PRP hair treatment, you can use platelet-rich plasma to cure several ailing parts. If you check what it does to your scalp, it doesn’t only promote hair growth. PRP will revive the dying cells. Thus, it makes the scalp healthier and younger. Thus, it stimulates the secretion of sebum and the production of collagen- Therefore, a patient enjoys healthier hair for a long time.
PRP hair treatment also extends the healing to the face. Thus, as you enjoy healthy hair, your skin will look healthier and younger.


There are no cuts involved in PRP hair restoration. Thus, you enjoy a scalp free of scars. The needles used during the therapy are tiny in size. Thus, the injections don’t create unwanted spots on the scalp.


The success rate of PRP therapy is high. It works in line with the body’s natural healing. Thus, you’re assured of positive results. The patient will witness the changes two months after the first therapy session. It’s wise to have at least two sessions of therapy four weeks apart.


The doctor uses your blood to prepare PRP. Thus, there’re minimal chances of infections. The only risk is the hygiene of the clinic. Ensure you select a clinic with high hygiene levels to make the process 100% secure.

No Downtime

Many surgical hair treatment methods need you to relax for a few days to prevent infections. You can resume your normal activities the following day after your treatment.

Natural Looking Results

Since the treatment works with the body’s natural healing, you get natural results. The hair will grow naturally and vigorously than before. Thus, it doesn’t alter the hair pattern or angle of inclination. Also, the hair will grow uniformly all around the scalp.

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PRP hair treatment is one of the best hair loss treatment methods. It gives you natural results in a few months. However, it would be best if you were prepared to have more than one session of therapy.

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