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How to Display Most Popular Post List in WordPress

How to Display Most Popular Post List in WordPress Featured Image NMTalks

When it comes to keeping track of your website, no other plugin can match up to Monsterinsights. That is why it is used as a popular tool to get vital information about a website. People like this plugin because it allows you to manage everything and keep track of your dashboard analytics.
Today, we will learn how to use this awesome analytics plugin to display a popular post list in WordPress. Before we move on, you need to have Monsterinsights installed on your website.

Step 1

Post list- Customize Popular Posts the Way You Want

To be able to display a popular posts list in WordPress, you need to upgrade. Once you upgrade, Monsterinsights will allow you to display Inline Popular Posts, Popular Products, or Popular Posts Widget. If you own an e-commerce business, you will need to display popular products so that your visitors will know which of your products are popular in your store. Placing them anywhere on your website is easy using widgets. The Pro version allows users to add up to the top 5 Posts from Google Analytics automatically.

Step 2

Post list - Click on the Popular Posts tab on the sidebar

Click on the Popular Posts tab on the sidebar.

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Step 3

Once you are clicking on the Popular Posts tab, it will allow you to begin sharing your most popular posts on your website.

  • Inline Popular Posts tab

If you want to display your popular posts within your website content, this tab will help do that.

  • Custom Design

With this feature, you can custom design how you want your popular posts to display. You can also select the color, font size, and spacing of your widget.

  • Widget Styling

The widget styling allows you to decide how you want your widget to behave. If you know how to code, you can use your CSS to do this. The default styling is meant for those who don’t know how to code. What follows is changing how the widget determines your top posts. You can choose to sort by Shared count, Comments, or Curated (random).

You can only use the Curated option when you’ve upgraded to the Pro version. Upgrading to Pro allows you to choose the Add Top 5 Posts from your Google Analytics option. If you are running an e-commerce or selling digital assets, activating this tab is a good idea.

  • Placement

The placement tab allows you to select where you want to place your widget. This can be done manually or automatically. There are two options available if you decide to do it manually: shortcode or Gutenberg. If you don’t know how to use Gutenberg, you can follow the instructions from the video you will be given.

  • Popular Posts Widget Tab

With this tab, you can choose how your popular posts should look like we discussed earlier. The good thing about Monsterinsights is that you will be given a few pages to choose from. Changes can always be made to match your goals. The next thing you need to change is the Theme Preview.

  • Theme Preview

Here, you can decide to make your post narrower or rider. We’ll go for the wider one for now.

  • Custom Design

If you need to change how the popular posts display, the custom design will help you pick the right color and background. You can also decide whether you want Post count or Wide Layout Options. You can also pick how many posts you want your widget to show.

  • Behavior

The options also include choosing the widget title or particular post types tagged in your WordPress site. You can also choose to exclude certain posts. Showing posts from certain categories will force you to upgrade.

  • Embed Options

You can also use all embed options in conjunction with one another. Display options using the Gutenberg Blocks, Shortcode, automatic placement, or Display in the sidebar. The arrows will help you select what you want from the dropdown settings.

You are now set to go! What is left now is saving your widget and adding it anywhere on your website. Upgrading will give you more options. The final step is to include your WordPress popular posts to Google Analytics.

Displaying Popular Post list with Google Analytics

Did you know that you can also ask Google Analytics to display your top posts to the user who visits your website? With popular posts, you can do that. All you need is an upgrade if you are using Monsterinsights.

How to Set Up Custom Dimension

Post list - Set up custom dimensions

To get more information on setting up a custom dimension, head over to the MonsterInsight website. The information you will get will help you set it up properly. However, you will have to wait for 24 hours if you want Google to update it for you once you’ve set it up.

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Be Specific on You Want MonsterInsights to Sort Your Popular Post list

VisitingMonsterinsights do this>>Popular Posts/ Inline Posts/ Sort by Curated.

Once you start typing, a dropdown menu will appear with your posts. Once you are done selecting your post, it will be added to the area automatically. You can close a section. You just need to click on the “x” button to remove it.

Once you are done with that, you will need to scroll over to the Insights/Popular Posts/ Inline Popular Posts/Automated plus the Curated.
A configuration button will display once you click on the add Top 5 Posts From the Google Analytics button. A check configuration button will be seen. Click on it. After that, you just need to save the changes, and you are done.

Source: tipswithpunch


That is all you need to know about displaying WordPress popular posts lists in WordPress using Monsterinsights. This plugin makes it simpler for you to save changes using the autosave feature. Meaning you don’t need to do it over and over again. We hope you got all the information you needed to display a popular posts list in WordPress.

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