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The Perfect New Year Flowers for Plant Lovers


Everybody cheers up when a year ends to usher in a new one. We give our loved ones new year gifts to wish them well in the new year. A well-thought-out bouquet of new year flowers can raise your spirits even more. If you are a plant lover, you can raise some flower varieties apt for new year floral arrangements.
Are you interested in trying out new year’s flowers in your garden? Here are the perfect options to consider.

1. Calathea
New year flowers- Calathea

The Calathea often have broad striped showy leaves. The leaves open wide when the sun rises and fold when it sets. For that reason, it symbolizes a new beginning by opening whenever it shines. That makes Calathea a perfect fit for an anniversary flowers arrangement. Besides, it produces lovely blooms in purple-white or blue-white shades.

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2. Sunflower
New year flowers- sunflower

The disk shape of the sunflower head and the petals on its circumference strike the resemblance of the sun. The sunsets in the evening and rises in the morning on a new day. The rising of the sun signifies a new beginning, making the sunflower an excellent new year flower option. Besides, the sunflower head often faces in the sunrise direction. That denotes expectation and hope for better things. So, a bouquet of sunflowers to a loved one would mean you wish them to achieve whatever they are hoping for in the new year.

3. Shrub Roses
New year flowers- Shrub Roses

Who doesn’t want their new year to be a bed of roses? Shrub roses produce vibrant blooms in varied colors. The green shrub roses embody abundance. And so, they are fit for new year gifts to loved ones to wish them an abundance of good stuff in the new year.

4. Carnations
New year flowers- Carnations

There are different varieties of carnations with striking blooms. Carnations are easy to maintain once established. You feel thankful for a new year, whether the previous one was smooth sailing or turbulent. People often want to express gratitude for kindness in their favor to those who impacted their lives in one year. Pink carnations symbolize gratitude. They are the perfect new year flower option for demonstrating indebtedness to someone who helped you in the previous year.

5. Daisies
New year flowers- daisies

We say “Happy New Year” to one another when a new comes. What a way to say it with a bouquet of the gentle daisy. Generally, daisies represent happiness and new beginnings. Therefore, giving these great blooms to a loved one means you wish them a happy new year.

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Celebrate the new year in style by giving a loved one a bouquet of new year flowers. No plant lover will reject a floral gift of any of the new year flowers we’ve discussed. Please let us know whether you need help with floral arrangements for a new year gift.

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