NEW add-on for MemberPress, Invoice PDF!

NEW add on for MemberPress Invoice PDF featured image
NEW add on for MemberPress Invoice PDF featured image

A great way to make money out of your website is by turning it into a membership site. However, it is not at all easy as it seems. Such a site needs to have content that is worth paying for. For example, you can offer your members online courses, virtual downloads, Invoice PDF, apps, podcasts, or videos. If you provide quality content, many people will become members of your website. If you lack great content that is worth paying for, you will have a hard time convincing people to subscribe to your online products or services.

If you are sure that you have what it takes to run a website, MemberPress is the best plugin to help you manage your site. This WordPress plugin is feature-filled and has everything needed to run such a place. The best thing about this plugin is how it creates new ways of improving services. In this article, we are going to explore a new feature in MemberPress that allows users to download PDF invoices. This is what makes MemberPress one of the best plugins for WordPress.

Like we said before, your site has to offer quality services if you want to benefit from it. This plugin has every feature needed to run a successful online business. Some of them include content dripping and restricting content on different paid levels or devices. When you allow your users to download PDF invoices, you make it easy for them to track payments made through your site. This means any issue is solved easily with proof of payment.

In the last few years, we have seen new regulations set for running online ventures. You may know some of these rules, and a few of them may seem unclear. One of the best examples is the General Data Protection Regulation. This regulation made a few changes in how brands engage with their clients. Once it was introduced, businesses had to scramble for anything that could help them win over clients. They had to rush to get web cookies and email list permissions.

This filled our inboxes with compliance emails, which were meant to prepare brands for this regulation. Record keeping and tracking online transactions is vital for any website that wants to thrive and succeed. Especially since these new regulations are making things more robust in running such a site, this is what prompted the team behind MemberPress to introduce PDF Invoices. This feature makes it easier for your clients to comply with the new set of rules.

Failing to provide your clients with PDF invoices, may render you liable to several local, international, or corporate lawsuits. This is brought about by how these new cover and adapt to online ventures. Adding an option to download PDF invoices is not only good for you but also for your clients. This thing also makes it easier for them to keep records and access them any time they want. This leads to a high level of service delivery when running a membership website.

Transaction receipts emails are not enough if you want to offer top-notch membership site services. In many situations, this method of keeping payment records may fall short. That is where PDF invoices come in as a convenient and logical method.

Benefits of MemberPress PDF Invoices 

Keep Branding Consistent

If you rely so much on brand consistency to grow your online business venture, PDF invoices will help you with that. These invoices offer a seamless, branded experience to clients. Customers love it when you offer them customized and convenient buying experience. This leads to capturing loyal clients and repeat purchases. Many online ventures today depend on earning trust from customers as a way to succeed. This involves ease of use and a unique presentation of your brand.

Simplifies PDF Invoice Creation

If you have ever used PDF invoices, then you know how hard they are to create from scratch if you have zero tech skills. Since MemberPress uses template invoices, the hard part should not bother you. What all you need to do is fill in the blanks, and you are all set. By making things easier for you, MemberPress allows you to focus on growth and other pressing issues. With this PDF add-on, you don’t need other programs to craft and upload invoices. This allows you to gain client loyalty quickly. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

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Two Stunning Designs to Select From

Invoice PDF -Two Stunning Designs to Select From

The customer buying process improves when you help in setting up a PDF invoice. Apart from that, it also helps your clients to comply with the new online business rules. MemberPress has two designs to pick from. We have the Modern template that gives all the info at a glance. This is due to its clean, stylish, and functional design. We also have the Simple template design that streamlines the payment process thanks to this template’s simple approach.

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Intuitive Dashboard 

Invoice PDF -Intuitive Dashboard 

With a simple dashboard, the PDF Invoice add-on makes your payments page look good and organized. Clients have easy keeping things neat and clean. The PDF invoices are easy to store, and clients can download them when they want. If you are running a website using MemberPress, these are the options you will get with the PDF invoices add-on:

  • Select from two main template designs (Modern and Simple)
  • Establish your brand identity by uploading logo customizing your colors
  • Insert footnotes
  • Mention in detail services rendered or purchases made

When you compare the features that MemberPress offers against similar plugins, you will notice a big difference. The few vital things that this plugin offers are what make it the best plugin. The new PDF Invoices add-on makes it even better. User experience is what matters in the online world. If you can simplify how users engage with your website, you are a few steps ahead of having a thriving business.

The new feature will not only make your users happy, but it will also make your site comply with online registrations. You will enjoy offering quality and unique services without the stress of violating any online business laws.

Final Thoughts 

We appreciate your time in reading this announcement. We hope that the information we have given you was helpful, and you are now ready to use the PDF Invoice add-on on your website. If you have any type of comments, questions, or suggestions on how MemberPress can improve its services, feel free to leave them below.

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