Smart Measurement Liquid Flow Meter for Your Business

liquid flow meter -Smart Measurement Liquid Flow Meter for Your Business
liquid flow meter

Measuring flow rate in fluids and gasses can only happen with proper flow meters. A flow meter can be a simple or complex device used for measuring the flow rate in fluids. Most of these devices measure flow rate in enclosed channels such as pipes, tubes, or ducts. Flow rate is often given by different kinds of flow meters because they are designed differently.
It is therefore vital to select a liquid flow meter based on the application or flow system. Some of the factors that you need to look at when you want to buy a flow meter are overall maintenance, the type of application, installation requirements, and cost.

Flow meters are categorized into different technologies that make them durable for measuring slurries, clean, dirty, hot, cold, high pressure, and low-pressure fluids. This makes these types of measurement tools quite versatile. The type of liquid flow meter that you intend to use is determined by the flow system or flow application.
Failure to pick the right type of flow meter may yield poor results when measuring flow rate. While other types of flow meters are used to measure flow rate in wastewater facilities pharmaceuticals, others produce accurate measurements when measuring flow rate in polymer additives, printing ink, and oil lubricants.

Different Kinds of Liquid Flow Meter Technologies

Flow meter technologies have evolved to include four main categories. These flow meters are usually installed along the pipeline to measure flow rate effectively. The benefits that you will receive from a flow meter depend on the technology you are going to choose.
Water flow meters often function well in a wide range of applications. However, there are certain designs that produce higher accuracy levels when used in particular applications. To get the best results when using flow meters, always pair flow meters with their preferred applications. Let us now look at some of the liquid flow meter categories used in different kinds of industrial processes.

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Mechanical Flow Meters

These types of flow meters are commonly used in various industries. Compared with other kinds of flow meter technologies, mechanical flow meters are the most affordable. That is probably why they are popularly used. Mechanical flow meters measure flow rate by turbine rotations. Turbines can either be propellers, paddles, or shunts. The speed of the rotating blades will determine the flow rate. Since mechanical flow meters have moving parts, they may end up getting clogged if used with dirty water. This means that you only need to use these flow meters to measure clean water.

Vortex Flow Meters

This type of flow meter is uniquely designed to measure flow rate using vortices. Swirls that develop into vortices are produced when fluid pushes past an obstruction. The flow rate of water is established when vortices pass through the sensor tab that creates a frequency output. There is another version of vortex flow meter called a multi-variable vortex liquid meter which measures five different variables. It makes a perfect flow meter for measuring flow rate in particular applications or flow systems.

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Another type of flow meter is known as an ultrasonic liquid flow meter. It is used to measure flow rate using ultrasound technology. Flow rate is achieved by measuring the speed of water flowing through the pipe. There are two versions of ultrasonic flow meters: clamp-on ultrasonic meters and transit-time flow meters. Clamp-on flow meters are clamped on the pipeline while transit-time flow meters are installed along the pipeline.

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These are some of the flow meter technologies used to measure flow rate in various industries. Buying your liquid flow meter from Proteus Industries is an ideal option. That is because we guide our customers in choosing the right kinds of flow meters based on their applications. With so many types of flow meters, proper flow measurement can only be achieved by combining a flow meter with a matching application or flow system.

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