How to Turn on LinkedIn Private Mode In Simple Steps

How to Turn on LinkedIn Private Mode In Simple Steps Featured Image NMTalks

LinkedIn is one best social networking platform since it allows you to know who viewed your profile. The downside of this is that anyone will see every time you browse their profile. Fortunately, you can avoid this by activating LinkedIn private mode. This mode lets you check other people’s faces, and they are not going to know who viewed their profiles. That is unless you want to.

Changing your LinkedIn to private mode is straightforward. And you can do this in the settings section. Once you set it to private mode, you can view your past colleague’s profile or a LinkedIn marketing business page, and no one will know about it unless you decide to tell them that you visited their profiles.

Activating the LinkedIn Private Mode 

To start the private mode on LinkedIn, all you need to do is go under the Me icon and click on the Settings & Privacy section.

LinkedIn Private Mode-setting and privacy

After that, the next step is to scroll to ‘How others see your LinkedIn activity.’ Once you are there, click on the Change button next to the Profile Viewing Options. Select Private Mode.

Linkedin Private Mode-how other see your profile

How to use the LinkedIn Private Mode 

Of all the social media networks, I am always comfortable and productive when using LinkedIn. This platform makes it easier for anyone to post an article, connect and catch up with an old colleague, and even find gigs. It’s a great application platform to share your knowledge and expertise with others. Privacy is enhanced when you use the Private Mode on LinkedIn, and you don’t want people to know that you have gone through their profiles.

Business professionals and recruiters find this feature quite handy when browsing profiles from potential job seekers, sales leads, business partners, and clients.

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Steps to follow when setting up the LinkedIn Private Mode 

To set up the Private Mode feature on LinkedIn, you need to click a few buttons, and you’ll be done. Keep reading to learn more about these simple steps.

Activation begins at the top of the screen, where you will see your profile pic icon. Click on it and head to Settings & Privacy.

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How other users view your LinkedIn activity

To check how other users see your LinkedIn activity, head over to the middle of the page, and see where it’s labeled How others see your LinkedIn activity. From the Profile viewing options, when you are here, click on Change, which is next to the first header.

Linkedin Private Mode- how others see your linkedIn activity

Selecting the browsing mode 

Open the drop-down menu, and you will see various browsing mode options for you to choose from.

The private mode will make you appear as an anonymous LinkedIn member. This means your profile name won’t show. This option doesn’t allow any other personal information from your profile to be shared with the person whose profile you’ve just seen.

LinkedIn also gives you an option to select the characteristics of a private profile. When you pick this option, what others will see is your job title, school, company, and industry. When you use the private mode, no one will even know that you were there. It is just that simple!

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Final Thoughts 

No one needs to know whether you checked their profile if you don’t want them to. And with these few easy steps, your activities on LinkedIn won’t be noticed. This feature is useful to anyone, no matter what their intentions are. You may use these new features to know what that person is up to or for professional reasons.

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