Inline Water Flow Meters: Advantages and Disadvantages

inline flow meter -Inline Water Flow Meters: Advantages and Disadvantages

In the world of flow meter technologies, there are various types of flow meters. However, they all narrow down to two particular flow meters. These two flow meters include inline and insertion flow meters. Both of them have benefits and drawbacks based on the application or flow technologies that they are using. Let’s focus on inline water flow meter types to see the advantages and disadvantages that they have to offer in flow measurement.

What are inline flow meters?

These types of flow meters are commonly used in many industrial processes. They are often installed along the pipeline so that fluids and gas substances pass through them. Water flow meter types are permanently installed in the flow system. When buying these kinds of flow meters, you need to ensure that you understand very well how to install them. Failure to install them properly along the flow line may lead to inconsistencies when measuring flow.
Inline flow meters come in various types that usually have moving parts inside. To measure flow accurately, fluids have to pass through these types of flow meters. There are various advantages that these flow meters offer when measuring flow compared to insertion flow meters. Let’s look at some of them.

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Advantages of inline water meter types

Does not need long straight pipelines before and after the meter body

When installing these flow meters, you don’t need a long straight pipeline before or after the flow meter. You just need a short straight pipeline at both ends of the flow meter. Since the flow passes through the pipeline, in most cases, pressure is maintained, and this allows these types of flow meters to measure flow more accurately.

Measures flow rate more accurately

Inline flow meters hardly lose pressure compared to insertion flow meters. Most of the time, flow rate relies on the flow pressure of the fluid. This means that these flow meters will measure flow more accurately. That is why they are used in many industrial processes such as oil and gas industries. However, the flow pressure needs to be constant most of the time.
Water flow meters also have a few setbacks that you need to consider when installing them on your system. These are some of them.

Disadvantages of Inline water meter

They need to be installed permanently into the flow system

When installing these types of flow meters, you have to ensure that they are installed properly. Otherwise, they won’t measure flow accurately. This will cause some inconsistencies in the flow rate. Once installed, thru stays in the flow line permanently. This makes it hard when they break down and need replacements.

High maintenance cost

Water flow meters have to be re calibrated most of the time because fluid keeps on flowing through them. They also need frequent checks and repairs because most of them have moving parts. This means that their maintenance cost is quite high.

They require specific flow conditions

These types of flow meters need particular fluid conditions to work properly. For example, pressure, temperature, and density. They don’t function very well with slurry fluids or dirty liquids. You have to, therefore, make sure that you know the requirements of the flow system.

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When choosing an inline water meter, you must have in mind what the flow system requirements are. Flow meters come in various technologies, and it’s upon the plant manager to know exactly which types of flow meters are needed in the plant. You can rely on Proteus to guide you when selecting flow meters for your application or flow system. We have years of experience in flow meter engineering and manufacturing.

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