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How to Use Smart Tags in OptinMonster

How to Use Smart Tags in OptinMonster Featured Image NMTalks

When running a business website, it is always good to find better ways to increase conversions and enhance engagement. You have to understand that there are thousands, if not millions, of businesses competing with you to get a piece of audience in the market share. If you are not aggressive or wise enough to make use of web software such as OptinMonster and other useful tools, you may end up getting boxed out of the competition.

Today, we will show you how to increase the conversion rate on your website and boost engagement using smart tags by OptinMonster. With OptinMonster’s smart tag feature, you can identify your leads and customers as they visit your website. This helps you to cater to each customer’s needs by personalizing their experience.

Giving your visitors a personalized experience means that:

You can identify and even address your visitors by their names

Target each visitor with unique web content that suits their needs based on stored data of your visitors – previously purchased products, interests, or name

You need to know that website personalization works and many visitors like and appreciate it when you take time to know them and understand their needs.

There is a significant increase of customers witnessed by websites that use personalization. According to a study compiled by Jupiter Research and Annuitas Group, businesses stand to gain 20% more sales opportunities when they capitalize on personalized experience on their websites. They also stand to gain 18x more revenue.

If you decide to choose other options, you will need to put in thousands of dollars worth of website dynamic content tools, which may or may not work depending on your strategy. The best way to do this is by using a feature called smart tag that the OptinMonster plugin offers.

Dynamic Text Replacement for Website Personalization

OptinMonster’s smart tag feature has made it easier to include smart, dynamic content in your onsite marketing campaigns. What makes it even better is that it is affordable, and any business – big or small – can use it. Just as you use merge tags in your emails for content personalization, you can also use smart tags in your onsite marketing campaigns in the same way. All you need is a simple click of a button.

OptinMonster has a simple drag-and-drop popup builder that helps users add all sorts of merge tags, including city, zip code, date or day of the week, state, or country. The plugin also allows you to add any visitor information, such as email, name, or phone number.

smart tags-smart tags smart content example personalization

We have compiled below a few website personalization ideas and smart, dynamic content examples that will assist you in a big way to boost your conversion rate:

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Dynamic Text Replacement with Smart Tags on E-commerce

The benefits that personalization offers e-commerce stores and businesses are quite impressive. However, for personalization to work effectively, it has to be applied properly. A report by Strategy Global Consumer Pulse Research shows that businesses lose billions of dollars every year due to improper personalization.

OptinMonster, you can easily entice your consumers using Smart Tags that allow you to address them by their names, display a specific relevant date, showing their city, and more:

smart tags- tag default

Smart Tags are effective when you want to reduce your website’s bounce rate or lower shopping cart abandonment on your e-commerce website. If all the online shoppers start the purchasing process, 66% of them never complete it. This goes to show that many e-commerce stores lose a lot of money from cart abandonment.

The way that smart tags work is by enticing those shoppers who are about to abandon their carts, displaying relevant exclusive deals that target them personally. Another way to turn cart abandoning visitors into loyal customers is by combining the exit-intent technology, dynamic text replacement, geo-location targeting, and page-level targeting together. This also helps to encourage repeat purchases.

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Increased Engagement from Dynamic Smart Content

The dwell time in most blogs is becoming shorter and shorter by the day. This affects many bloggers because they need to make profits by engaging more with the content.

To increase dwell time in blogs, OptinMonster’s Smart Tags makes it easier for bloggers to retain visitors by capturing their attention targeting the right person with relevant campaigns at the right time. With smart tags, you can create offers to your web visitors based on viewed content, physical location, day, and date.

smart tags-smart tags list dynamic text replacement

With the content personalization feature, a blogger can reduce his or her website’s bounce rate while boosting engagement. This is done by tailoring marketing campaigns according to the visitor’s needs.


Now that you understand how important the smart tag feature is to your website, it is time to make good of it by installing the OptinMonster plugin on your website if you haven’t yet done that. Remember that you can only access this feature on the Pro version of OptinMonster.


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