How to Create Polls in WordPress with Formidable forms

How to Create Polls in WordPress with Formidable forms featured image
How to Create Polls in WordPress with Formidable forms featured image

Many brands and businesses are nowadays using polls to gain useful insights about their audience. This helps them strategize on how to engage and win them over in a fun way. If you are interested in how you can do this, read this step-by-step guide for more insights. I am going to show you how to create and insert a poll in your WordPress website using three simple steps.

Polls are disguised online forms that allow you to gather info about your target audience. The best plugin to help you create polls is form builder. Although there are plenty of WordPress form builders, The best and most effective one is Formidable Forms. This is the only form builder that can help you create great Work forms. You should be careful about what polls to go for when using a dedicated plugin. The plugin should help you create polls with these options.

  • Use a drag and drop form builder
  • Should give you results right after voting
  • Use a shortcode to display a poll anywhere on your website
  • Surveys to post anywhere you want
  • Build multiple polls

When you are building an interactive poll, you need a great plugin like Formidable Forms. Not that we are biased, but this plugin has helped us build many types on our website effectively. It has enough juice to help you create a poll that other form builders don’t have. With Formidable Forms, you can create all kinds of WordPress forms. Now that you know what plugin to use to build your poll, let’s see how you can use it to create a vote on a WordPress website.

You can use these three easy steps to create and insert a WordPress poll on your site.

  • Installing the Formidable Forms plugin
  • Building and publishing an online poll
  • Showing in real-time poll results

Step # 1. Installing the Formidable Forms plugin 

Just like many other WordPress plugins, installing Formidable Forms is the first thing you need to do. Although they have a free plan, to get the best results when creating a poll on your WordPress plugin, you need the paid version. Formidable Forms offers a risk-free trial for 14 days. You can use all the features within this period. If you feel like you are not impressed, you’ll be given back your money. With this plugin, you only need a few minutes to create your poll. This great plugin does more than creating polls; you can also build all sorts of forms. Once you are done with the installation, activate it.

wordpress poll- Installing the Formidable Forms plugin 

Step # 2. Building and publishing an online poll

After installing and activating the form builder, what follows is creating a poll form. To do this, Go to Formidable >> Forms, and at the top of the page, click on Add New.

Click on the Blank Form. Name it what you want since this will be your poll.

Add poll fields

A poll is most of the time made of one question. The question can be a YES/NO or a multiple-choice question. To make it work, you only need to add one form field.

wordpress poll - Field Options section

Adding a field type is easy. All you need to have to do is drag and drop a Radio Buttons field. This is done from the left column into the form building area.

After that, you need to change the question and the multiple-choice responses. Since they are in the Field Options section, you will need to put them in the left column. For the next step, you will need the form ID. You are going to need this in the next step when adjusting your form settings.

Step # 3. Showing in real-time poll results

We will need to adjust the settings once you are done creating your poll. Two things will be done in this step:

  • Change the text on the poll button
  • Show a graph of the poll results after voting

The text on the poll button is changed by heading to the left column and clicking on the Styling & Buttons tab in the settings page. Change the text to something like “vote.”

wordpress poll

At the bottom of the General Settings, you will have to insert a graph shortcode into the Messages section, to display a graph of the poll results after each vote. You can enter the below barebones shortcode to get a simple looking graph:

[frm-graph fields=”462” type=” pie”]

wordpress poll - poll results

That’s not all as you can also use the many shortcode parameters in Formidable. This will allow you to enhance your graph to make it look even better. The code below is an example:

[frm-graph fields=”462” type=”pie” bg_color=”#DFF0D8” width=”600” title_size=”20” is3d=”true”]

This will make your graph look quite impressive with a 3D pie chart! To get more info, you are allowed to mouse-over the sections.

Wordpress poll- Graph color

Remember to update your form and create a few Entries for testing, once you are done. You should know that you can achieve many other things with your WordPress poll form. What we’ve discussed is just a tip of the iceberg of what your audience expects from a poll. So, what else can you do with it?

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You can use Formidable’s Views feature to feed the results into a single page by running multiple polls. This allows you to update your poll results in real-time on your master article. You can also use a poll form to let voters provide their email after voting by creating a multi-page. When you do this, when the poll ends, you can email them the poll results automatically. Another thing is that you can use the shortcode we’ve used above to insert the poll form anywhere on your website. You can even create a custom poll display if you are using the classic WordPress editor. This is done using the plugin’s shortcode builder.

Wordpress poll- Graph color


When it comes to polls, the possibilities are virtually endless. Just have the right tool and a bit of imagination, and you can achieve anything with these forms.


As you’ve seen, creating a poll form in your WordPress website isn’t that hard. It’s also fun and the best way to engage with your audience. Polls also help you to gather vital info about your target audience. If you have a great form builder like Formidable Forms, your votes will help you generate more leads and increase traffic on your site. We trust that this guide on how to create poll forms in your WordPress site helped. You can no go ahead and try creating one on your website.

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