Tips To Keep Your Home Network Secure

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In today’s world, when technology plays such a massive role in our day-to-day lives, everybody thinks of setting up a home network so that accessing the internet is accessible and available.

But this can also cause concern in people’s minds about the security of the network. Hacking nowadays is an easy task. So to protect the hacking or using up of the internet without your knowledge. I am going to share six easy and effective ways to protect your home network.

Keeping Your Device Safe And Healthy

A hacker can easily hack computers and other devices in your home. One needs to protect their laptops, tabs, smartphones by not connecting the devices to the internet available in public places.

When you connect your device in a public place, it’s more prone to get hacked. Also, we need to make sure the software is kept up to date, and also the automatic updates are available.

Creating A Complicated Password

Setting up a problematic password is the first and foremost important tip to secure your home network. You can ensure that password is not secure to track, such as your name or birthday.

secure password has symbols, numbers, characters, alphabet, or mixing up the upper and lower case alphabet so that it becomes tough to crack. You can also minimize the number of people who have access to it.

By ensuring that you don’t share your password with everybody, you can change your password frequently once in 2 months so that even if you have shared it, they can no longer use it after some time without your consent.

You can also opt to do the two-step verification process to double up the passwords’ security. It usually contains a password, and then some form of confirmation requirement, like your eye scan, fingerprint, the answer to the question you have selected, etc.

One of the best ways to ensure a well-encrypted password is by generating one online. They provide various kinds of passwords, complete with numbers, symbols, and different cases of letters.

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Change The Network Name

A free network detection software allows the hacker to see all available wifi networks as each name is identified by a name called SSID. A hacker can get information that appears on your SSID to look up the router’s default name and password.

So for safety purposes, we need to change the SSID so that it doesn’t give away the router band or mode.

The router doesn’t need to broadcast. So when you block your router, your home network becomes hidden and protected from any hacker.

Strengthen Your Wifi Encryption

Wifi encryption is easy to access. Strengthening it is essential. If your wifi is not encrypted, a hacker can easily access and modify your online activity. Usually, the router and the router owner can read the transmission, so to protect it, we need to use WPA2 AES wifi-protected access. This uses an AES cipher to preserve communication.

Keeping The Router Firmware Up To Date

You must have never thought of updating your router regularly, so all the devices you own. However, router manufacturers keep upgrading the system with the progression of other technologies. You need to keep checking on the router manufacturers website for any updates to be installed.

Installing Firewalls

Firewalls may or may not be turned on your router. Every wifi router operates a system called NAT. This stands for network address translation; this means each computer on your network is allocated with an address only known to the router. NAT system prevents outsiders from identifying the address of individual devices on the web.

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You can check if your router has a NAT firewall by connecting two devices on the same wifi network, such as your PC and the smartphone. On each of them, start a Google search, which goes, “what is my IP?”

The devices would display the IP Addresses they work on. If both of them show the same IP address, then your router’s chances of being enabled with a NAT firewall are high. Both the devices have two separate private or local IP addresses, but they have the same public one.

If you are using a VPN, detecting whether your router has a NAT firewall or not can get complicated. You will need to go through your VPN provider’s documentation to find it out. Use this link (192.168.l.0.1) to get the admin username id and password for your IP address. In your VPN apps’ settings, you may find the option to allow or disallow a NAT firewall. There would also be a choice to purchase one as an optional addition.

Switch Off The Network When Not In Use

When you are not using the network for long periods, say when you are not home or when you sleep, it is recommended that you turn it off. Do the same thing with all the devices that you have connected to ethernet cables, as well.

By taking these steps, you ensure the reduction of the window in which the hackers can access your wifi and have their way with it when you are unaware or away.

If there is no network, there is no means through which hackers would get to your devices.

Router Location

This one might seem like a little too much, but your router’s location would affect a lot of factors. It is suggested that the middle of the house is the ideal location for placing the router.

By doing so, you provide equal access to the internet all across your house. Additionally, this also ensures a form of security.

When you place it in the middle of the house, the signals would have a lesser probability of being detected outside, where unwanted people could intercept it. This thing also means that you should not place your router near your windows or the main door.


The home network is just as important as the one in our workplace. The risk of all the family members having their data misused runs exceptionally high. It is easy to break the trust of the security you have for your home network.

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