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H33t is a reliable torrent website. For many years, H33t provides super-fast and verified torrents. Many people enjoy the services of torrent since its inception. You will have your movies, books, software, music, TV shows, and games in record time.

It is unfortunate that the domain blocked. The use of a VPN and proxy does not help to open it. You can have temporary access to H33t torrents using some mirrors and proxies. But if you need a permanent solution, you need to have a list of H33T alternatives. Many internet users trust H33t as a torrent tracker and indexer. They access recent movies, eBooks, TV Shows, games, and old and current applications.

The site is user-friendly. The staff checks and verifies all torrents; they sieve out low-quality torrent. As a user, you have an assurance of torrents free from malware. Thousands of users interact with the site daily.

A few months ago, internet service providers (ISP) in the UK blocked all domains and DNS related to H33t. The thought drove the decision that torrenting is unethical. This step made many people stop accessing h33t. But, the h33t team came up with a new set of domains. In this article, I will take you through the latest h33t mirror sites.

H33t Proxy & Mirror

Since you can no longer access the main h33t website, you can use the following domains for mirror sites. You will obtain the same data, torrents, and index; the difference is the domain names. Use any of the 25 mirror sites to access the h33t torrents website.

h33t Proxy/Mirror URL
H33t Proxy 1
H33t Proxy 2
H33t Proxy 3
H33t Proxy 4
H33t Proxy 5
h33t Mirror
h33t movies
h33t proxy uk
Unblock H33t

Top Alternative to H33t

Do not fret when your favorite torrent site is down. The internet is not short of torrent websites. Below are some reliable alternatives for h33t. They are easy to use, and you will get similar content as you would with h33t.

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H33t - limetorrents

Limetorrents is a website that allows you to access torrents from other sites. It does not host its torrents. But, you can download safe apps, movies, music, and eBooks. All the content from Limetorrents is ideal for the whole family. Thus, it is the best proxy for H33t.

H33t - ytsam

The is ideal for movie enthusiasts. It is a torrent website that specifies with movies alone. It ranks as the third-best torrent website. Thus, it allows you to access high-resolution movies. The user interface is easy to use.


H33t - RARBG

RarBG is the second-best torrent website. It started in 2008 as a BitTorrent tracker. Currently, it offers magnet links and torrent files to users exceeding 300000 daily.

The website is user-friendly. People give it positive feedback, hence attracting several users. Also, it has an easy-to-use interface.

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Citizens of Bulgaria would use RarBG to evade authorities. However, several countries set laws to ban the use of RarBG. The countries include the UK, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, India, and Denmark. But, you can use the Rarbg proxy to access the site.

Torrent Downloads

H33t - torrentdownloads

When you need high-quality torrents, Torrent Downloads should be your number one choice. It has high download speed for a significant number of good torrents. It is very reliable for all users.


H33t - 1337x

Every torrent seeker has the unique content they are after. If you need the less discovered torrent, the 1337X is the site for you. It is not a large site, but it will offer the right content for you.

1337X was founded in 2007. It gained popularity within a short time. It has maintained its relevance by providing old and obscure torrents.


H33t - Zooqle

Zooqle is an upcoming torrent website. Its interface is attractive and easy to use. Also, the signup process is easy. You only need an Email address, username, and a password. You can subscribe to view over 30k movies and 1300 TV shows. However, you cannot access games, applications, and eBooks.

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