Fun Ideas For 30th Birthday During COVID Social Distancing

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Since the pandemic development, most people’s lifestyles have changed a lot. People started working more at home, and school children embarked on online learning. However, thanks to social apps such as zoom, people have found a new way to keep up with virtual communication with their loved ones. So, you don’t have to be gloomy during your thirtieth birthday. You may not enjoy the water splash pool party or an epic outdoor bash, but there are still fun ideas for 30th birthday that we have rounded up for you to enjoy your milestone.

Virtual party preparation

Fun Ideas For 30th Birthday- Virtual party preparation

Assume you are having regular birthday party ideas and prepare accordingly. As usual, start by inviting your guests. Make your list short. Please give them the timings and ask them to be punctual.


Fun Ideas For 30th Birthday- Party Theme

Don’t surprise your guests, share the Theme of your birthday celebration party so they can get prepared. If you choose something like a gypsy, that means there will be a particular dress up. Let them follow the party theme.

Table dressing

Fun Ideas For 30th Birthday- Table Dressing

As we said, the party should get lit regardless of coronavirus. Set your table with the most beautiful china and gorgeous elegant table runner. Get a bouquet of your favorite as a centerpiece, and light up the candles.

Backdrop decorations

Fun Ideas For 30th Birthday-Back Drop Decorations

Some of you may ignore the decorations, but you shouldn’t. Since you already have a theme, use it to create a backdrop. Add a balloon design décor such as garland or columns whichever suits best. All your guests should have the same in their house, for solidarity.

Cake baking spree

Fun Ideas For 30th Birthday-Cake baking spree

Other fun 30th bday ideas can be; asking your guests to get their best baking skills in the kitchen and bring their results online. When the time comes to sing along, everyone should do so in a rhythm, as the host cuts the cake. Then the guests should take a bite of what they made.

Send a bottle of wine

Fun Ideas For 30th Birthday-Send a bottle of wine

There’s no reason to skip the wine toasting. With the bottle of wine you sent to your guests, when it’s time to raise your glasses and toast, you should all proudly do so virtually. After all, thirty is an epic milestone worth toasting.

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Guests activities

Fun Ideas For 30th Birthday- Guests activities


All the guests will send their ecards and sentimental birthday messages and birthday quotes. The next step will be a fun activity for the host. Groove to one of the popular songs that you all love, and record the dance.

Send your gifts

Fun Ideas For 30th Birthday-Send your gifts

Regardless of the social distance, your buddy can still receive that unique jewelry that you bought for her happy 30th birthday, the adorable elegant watch, and that gorgeous trendy dress. All you need is to call a courier company and have it delivered at her place.


we understand how different life has turned to the entire world. As we continue to adhere to social distancing and other cautionary measures, we can still bring in some sanity. By using the fun 30th bday ideas shared in this article, you can appreciate life as it is. Nevertheless, we hope and pray for the best, so the world can go back to normalcy.

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