FUE vs. FUT Comparison: Which One is the Best Hair Transplant?

fue vs fut- Fue vs. Fut Comparison: Which One is the Best Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant evolved to the modern two methods. They are the most effective and safest hair transplant method. There are many discussions around what is the best hair transplant method between Fue vs Fut. Let’s jump to details.

How to Extract Follicles

fue vs fut- Fue vs. Fut Comparison: Which One is the Best Hair Transplant?

The main difference between the extraction method in Fue vs. Fut is the extraction method. In the FUE method, doctors extract individual follicles. It eases the technique since there are fewer steps to extract the follicles. In the FUT method, doctors extract a strip of hair with part of the scalp. Then, they stitch together the remaining parts of the scalp leaving behind a linear scar.

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Preparing Follicles for Implantation

In the FUT hair transplant, the first step of preparation is dividing the strips into micrografts. They strive to make the micrografts as small as possible to achieve natural-looking results. Then they dip the grafts in a preservative solution. The solution ensures that the grafts remain in optimal solutions.
In the FUE transplant, the machine extracts the hair and stores it in a sterile compartment. The section has optimal conditions to keep the grafts in good conditions for transplant.


When you choose hair transplant as a hair loss solution, you have high expectations of the solution. First, you expect the process to give the best value for your money. FUE hair transplant is more expensive when you compare it to FUT Transplant. The doctor uses more time to extract individual follicles than they would extract hair strips from the scalp.
The recovery process of Fue vs Fut differs. It takes a shorter time to heal an FUE incision than it is to heal a FUT scar. Also, you will have a scar when you choose FUT.

Which is the Best Between FUE Vs. FUT

There are factors to consider when you need to choose the best transplant method. The most limiting factor is your budget. You will need more money to get an FUE transplant.
The healing period and the risks involved are other things you should consider. Are you ready to heal a scar? If not, then choose the FUE transplant. Scalp scar exposes you to higher risks of infections. If you cannot maintain hygiene until the scar heals, then distance yourself from FUT hair transplant.
Your doctor will help you select the best method after assessing all factors. There are times a doctor will not perform a FUT transplant even when your budget is low.

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Fue vs Fut is an unending debate. Each method has advantages and disadvantages. Do not rush to choose a method without enough information or a doctor’s guidance. Here, you will get the best guidance from experienced surgeons for the treatment.

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