Why Should You Not Be Afraid of Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is a microsurgical method under local anesthesia with a restoration time of about one week. The FUE hair transplant methods let hair transplant without stitches. Luckily, in this modern time, hair transplant surgery can be performed more pleasantly and painlessly today.

Top Motives Not to Be Afraid of Hair Transplants

Without any side effects, a painless hair transplant is available at affordable prices. Women or men can have a new life for themselves with their natural-looking new hair. Anyone who fits the following rules can have hair transplantation.

  • Does not have any skin infection on the scalp
  • Has enough root hair in the donor area
  • Is not allergic to local numbness pills

The gears used in the phase of creating grafts are a product of new technology. They can enter the scalp up to half a centimeter. Thanks to the strokes of 0.7 to 0.8 millimeters of micro motor, painless and insensible hair transplant methods are likely.

The main reason that people are afraid of hair transplants is needle fear. They think that they will feel pain at the time of injecting. Besides, they are overly anxious that their checkup pictures may look wrong than before or appear artificial. All this happens due to a loss of knowledge about FUE hair transplant methods.

At the time of hair transplant surgery, you do not feel anything because of the numbness while the method under normal conditions. Local anesthesia is the medicine of painkiller pills to the transplant. Therefore, within about twenty minutes, local anesthesia takes its action. During local anesthesia, the patient is fully attentive and alert. As the local anesthesia effect is lightened, it is redone at the time of the operation.

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Local anesthesia with a needle also makes few people agitated, mainly those with needle fear. Therefore, in such states, the patient requires sedation before local anesthesia injection.

Sedation, which we all hear from time to time, is a primary anesthesia practice in many medical methods. These anesthesia controlling methods were formed to assure that the patient has a painless and smooth procedure. Sedation, besides, makes local anesthesia more relaxed and painless.

Local anesthesia is used fast to the area with fine needle points, less time, and great care to the patient’s sensitivity. Then, while the patient is talking easily, the specialists carry out the entirely risk-free hair transplant method.

We favor sedation in hair transplant methods for people

  • with needle phobia,
  • who fear hard method,
  • with stress disorder, and
  • who has a low pain origin?

We use sedation for 10 to 15 minutes before local anesthesia is injected for these patients. But, hair transplant is an easy method for people who do not have these dilemmas because of the enhanced techniques.

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The Advantages of FUE Hair Transplant



FUE hair transplant procedures are the most efficient and thriving methods for hair transplants. They have some benefits over old applications.

  1. Since there is no cut, there are no marks.
  2. The hair follicles on the patron area, which is the back of the neck, are more safe and durable.
  3. It is likely to have an unshaven hair transplant with these processes.
  4. The effects are very gratifying for many patients.

FUE Hair transplantation methods are more relaxed under local anesthesia. Also, the patient will rest on his back through the procedure when seeing television or sleeping.

Most people are amazed that there is practically no pain when the FUE hair transplant method is done under a local painkiller. Once the skin is suitably anesthetized, still, there is no pain.


Thus, these are the facts that you should not be worried about while determining the FUE hair transplant or any other hair transplant method. Now due to the availability of hi-tech gears, the methods have become more comfortable and no pain. At Beverly Hills hair restoration, you will find the best team of surgeons to treat you. We will make you relive your life with the same confidence.


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