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We raised Formidable Forms to give the first ever solutions centered WordPress form plugin on the trade. You can apply our drag drop WordPress form builder plugin to build a contact form, survey, quiz, enrollment form, payment form, buying, email marketing, or calculator form. Create just about anything you can think of. We require to give you the means to save time and build complicated forms promptly.

Formidable WordPress plugin

Before exploring the great Formidable form  plugin points, you should recognize that Formidable is 100% mobile receptive. Your WordPress forms will constantly look excellent on all devices desktop, laptop, tablets, and smartphones.

Plus, we have optimized Formidable for rate and highest server performance. We can positively say that Formidable is one of the fastest WordPress form developers on the market.

Let us look at all the stable traits for making an excellent lead form, survey form, poll, subscription form, demand a quote form, donation form, user enrollment form, or cash form.

Drag Drop from creator and superior form builder

The Formidable drag drop form developer lets you promptly build extensive surveys, quizzes, enrollment forms, cost calculators, and what else you need.

Our form maker appears with all the required fields that you want to build a solution-focused form quickly.

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Complete entry control for forms and surveys

Formidable lets you see all your quiz and survey entries direct from your WordPress dashboard. Once a user offers a form, their reply is put in your WordPress database so that you won’t miss any points.

The only form creator plugin with an excellent form styler

With our built-in styler, you can directly customize the aspect and feel of your contact form. With just some clicks, your email form can be modified to match your website design.

By default, Formidable uses a unique styling template to your WordPress forms. If you need a custom form style for all footer and sidebar form, check out the Formidable premium package.

Create smart surveys with fair reports

Formidable arrives with a built-in survey trait, so you can instantly form powerful surveys and see elegant reports.

Our graphs and reports will help you examine and showcase data. We consider that info alone does no great if you can not examine it. That is why we make it simple to examine data from a survey, quiz, or price calculator.

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Swiftly form an advanced wordpress registration form for any use case

Whether you require to build a youth sports team, event, or church retreat enrollment, the Formidable WordPress plugin has you included. Unlike other form plugins, Formidable occurs with a repeater range that lets you build the best enrollment forms.

Then, our marketing alliances and APIs can give the data anywhere you feel like.


After seeing this trait list, you can guess why Formidable is the most superior formidable WordPress plugin on the business. It is time to give Formidable Forms a try. Need to open the total power? Update to our Premium forms to get all the traits for brilliant forms and full web forms.

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