Florite: Advanced computing and controlling Proteus flowmeters

Florite Advanced computing and controlling Proteus flowmeters Featured Image NMTalks

What are Flow Monitoring and Control Devices?

Flow measurement tools manage and regulate the flow of gas or liquid from a tube or a pipe. There are essentially two kinds of measures: volume and mass. There are various tools used to gauge the mass and volumetric flow speeds. These involve:

  1. Differential pressure-based meters
  2. Automatic flowmeters
  3. Electromagnetic flowmeters
  4. Variable area meters
  5. Thermal mass flow meters.

The flow measurement method may also involve a mixture of one or more tools.

Why are they applied?

Reaching distinct dimensions as per the stock method demand is vital in the industrial area. Florite analysis and control tools give precise measures to get that. They maintain correct and proper rates of flow. This helps in maximum efficiency and the same production quality.

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Requiring Industrial Applications for Flow Devices

Proteus forms Florite Flow Monitoring and Control devices for almost all industrial wants. We have expertise serving in the following industries:

  1. Oil & Gas
  2. Boiler Control
  3. Power
  4. Wastewater & water treatment abilities
  5. Food making
  6. Pulp & Paper
  7. Chemical

Why Florite?

So far, we have reviewed the value of flow meters in the industrial area. You require an exact and correct flow monitoring and control device to meet your daily aims. A small analysis mistake can lead to a large loss of funds and time. Florite flow measurement and control devices are mainly created and produced by Proteus. They give exact measurements. It can give both accuracy and control of fluids. It can also change fast to any form. It has multi-course controllers with up to 8 input-output access. Florite is the best of its kind.

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Types of Flow Meter

Flow meters are available from mass flow, bulk flow, and others. You are required to get the functioning of distinct sorts of flow meters. Then, you would be capable of seeing out which one is most suitable for you.

Coriolis flowmeters

Coriolis flowmeters are the most basic flow meters. They are widely used due to their accuracy and repeatability. And are also resilient. These flowmeters can be used in any form where precision is required.

Different Pressure

This flow meter is one of the traditional flow meters in the market. It is still used to regulate liquid flow even now. It is broadly used in industries to gauge and control the flow of liquids. They are applied in natural gas transfer and several other products.

Electromagnetic Flow Meters

These flow meters are also named magnetic flow meters. They are one of the most famous flow meters available in the market now. Magnetic flowmeters gauge the volumetric flow rates of conductive liquids.


Florite can be rated as the best flow control device. It is digital and can be simply processed. Florite is safe and strong. Various kinds of flow meters can measure flow correctly. Florite is the most suitable choice for you if you are counting monitoring flow and control devices.

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