Find the Right Water Flow Measurement Device

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A water flow meter is an instrument that can measure the amount of liquid flowing through a pipe. And depending on the water measurement application, you can choose the ideal water flow meter technologies for your needs. Other factors you may want to consider include maintenance and your budget.

Various ways can measure the flow, which involves measuring the velocity of fluid over a familiar area. So, flow measurement gauges the bulk fluid movement using specific devices. Positive-displacement flow meters collect a fixed volume of liquid and calculate the number of times that volume gets filled to measure flow.

Types of Water Flow Meters

So, are you wondering which is the ideal water meter to use in your application? Then this guide should help you decide.

Mechanical Flow Meters

If you prefer an economical water flow meter, a mechanical flow meter will be your best choice. These measure the speed of water flowing within a valve and do flow measurements through turbine rotation with a propeller. Typically, the volumetric flow rate of the water must be proportional to the rotational velocity of the blades.

But this meter has one snag of clogging up whenever debris or dirt is in the water. Unfortunately, this may lead to the high maintenance of the device. In addition, a mechanical water meter doesn’t do well in low water flow.

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Ultrasonic Water Flow Meters

This meter gauges the voltage of fluid passing through the pipe via an ultrasound that helps measure the volumetric flow. Then it will transmit two signals; one in the direction of the flowing fluid upstream and another one against the position of the flowing fluid upstream.

Clamp-on ultrasonic meters measure the water from outside the pipe, making them suitable for water flow measurement for larger pipes. And the meter uses this fluid velocity to calculate the volumetric flow rate. To calculate the differential time, you compare the time for the pulse traveling downstream with the time of pulse traveling upstream.

Magnetic Flow Meter

Magnetic meters measure the velocity of water passing through a valve via a magnetic field, which gauges the volumetric flow. According to Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction, liquid produces the voltage as it flows through a magnetic field. And the faster the fluid flows, the more the voltage generation. This voltage is directly proportional to the water movement. These meters are not the best for measuring pure water as they lack ions.

Vortex Flow Meter

This meter uses vortices that come from a sensor immersed in the flow. Whenever the fluid moves past an obstruction, it produces swirls due to this force of nature. So, a sensor tab bends from side to side when a vortex flows past. It creates a frequency output directly proportional to the volumetric flow rate. Vortex flowmeters with multivariable can measure several process variables up to five, using one process connection. These include temperature, density, pressure, mass flow, and volumetric flow rate.

And these insertion vortex meters work excellent on large pipes since they get inserted into the flow using hot tapping.
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Are Water Flow Meters Expensive?

Prices of water flow meters vary. Vortex and ultrasound flowmeters use advanced technology, giving a high precision of flow reading. However, this makes them pricier than other meters. While the mechanical are affordable and accurate in measuring flow rates, they require more maintenance.

In Conclusion

To find the appropriate water flow meter, you must match it with the specific application. The above information regarding various water meters should guide you in your selection. But you can also read the manufacturer’s label. Some of the flow meters can perform better than others. And this may also depend on certain conditions. But you can save money and time by researching on the suitable device as you can now make a learned choice.

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