Complete Guide on Eyebrow Transplant

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In hair restoration, the eyebrow area may also need treatment because some people may not have hair growing in the eyebrow area. At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, we also cater to such individuals who require hair growth in their eyebrow area. Hair loss in the eyebrow area makes a person look weird. Most of the people who don’t have eyebrows try to fake their appearance using makeup, which sometimes backfires when they are not evenly applied. The best way to restore hair in your eyebrow area is to have an eyebrow transplant.

Eyebrow transplant

What is An Eyebrow Transplant?

There comes a certain age for some people where hair reduces to grow. This condition is called hair loss, and it affects both men and women if ages 35 to 70 years. It is more common in men than in women. The condition affects the scalp and other parts of the body, including the eyebrow area. When this happens, it damages the patient’s self-esteem. Fortunately, several techniques are available to treat hair loss. One of them is a hair transplant.

What makes hair fascinating is that doctors can remove it from one area and implant it in another, and it will still grow.

Hair Transplant in Eyebrows 

For an eyebrow transplant procedure to happen, the patient needs to have enough healthy hair growth in the donor area. Since the donor area will supply the recipient area with hair follicles, the donor may be at the back of the scalp or above the eye. These two regions hardly suffer hair loss, and hair can again once the hair grafts are harvested.

The Eyebrow Transplant Procedure 

The procedure followed in an eyebrow transplant is the same as a hair transplant. The first thing that the doctor will do is examine the patient to see if he or she is the right candidate. Once this is confirmed, on surgery day, the doctor will first shave the donor and the recipient area and apply anesthetics to numb the area before harvesting hair grafts. Anastasia helps to reduce pain in both areas.

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Most of the time, an eyebrow transplant is done by a cosmetic surgeon at his clinic or office. At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, this procedure is done by our specialists who use state of the art medical equipment to ensure that the patient gets the best-desired results. They are that requires hair grafts her.

Once the doctor has enough hair follicles, he will transfer them to the recipient area for implantation. The process usually takes 2-3 hours, and after that, the patient will go home to allow healing. After a few weeks, both areas will heal completely, and new hair will start growing.


Before settling for an eyebrow transplant, it is good to do comprehensive research to ensure that you get the best clinic and surgeon who will perform the procedure. Beverly Hills Hair Restoration  Los Angeles offers the best hair restoration therapies and treatments.


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