How to Quickly Create Exit Popups for WooCommerce

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WooCommerce is a powerhouse in hosting e-commerce stores. Online store owners can count on this platform to create e-stores and start selling immediately. But for a store to thrive, you need a way to connect with your audience on a more personal level. Although many tactics are used to do this, the most effective way is using a popup. Knowing how to create and add an exit popup to your website will help you boost your online sales. In this post, we will show you how to do that in simple steps. After that, we will give you three actionable tips for using a popup to increase sales.

We are going to get to that in a little bit. But first, here are the main reasons why you need a popup in your online store:

What Makes Popups Effective in Boosting Online Sales

What makes Popups effective is how they entice visitors to view products or promotions on your website. All the awesome products in your online store can destruct a visitor as they are browsing through your website.

A popup allows you to draw their attention to what you are promoting or particular items in your store. You can also prevent people from leaving your site by displaying a notice with a popup.

 exit popups-first poster

When you’ve finally decided to add a popup, you need the best tool to help you with this process. The best tool known to provide an exemplary solution when adding a pop-up or any other optin form is the OptinMonster plugin.

 exit popups-first optin

When you want to increase conversions on your website, OptinMonster is the tool to look for. This awesome WordPress plugin can also help you also grow your email list, earn more followers in your social media networks, and generate more sales.

Let’s just say with OptinMonster; you have a chance to grab your users’ attention by building enticing campaigns. To ensure that the campaign reaches the right people at the Right Time, you can customize it in many ways.

OptinMonster is the best tool when you want many ways to make mad cash with your WooCommerce store. We are focusing on building WooCommerce popups in this guide to boost online stores.

How to Create a Working WooCommerce Popup

The first thing you have to do before creating a popup is to sign up for the OptinMonster plugin. This is done with ease and without any risk with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

1. Creating a Popup for Your WooCommerce Store

We’ll start by logging into your OptinMonster account:

 exit popups-login Optin Page

Head over to the top right corner when you reach the dashboard and click on the Create New Campaign button:

 exit popups-Create New Campaign

A dropdown menu will prompt you to select the type of campaign you want to create. Choose popup, since that is what we want to create in this guide:

 exit popups-choose Popup

When you are done with that, go ahead and select a template for your popup. Among the things that make OptinMoster a great plugin is the 50+ templates it offers that work on all kinds of devices. You can also optimize your campaigns for specific devices based on which device your users are likely to use.

Let’s go for the Desktop/Tablet filter in this guide:

 exit popups-Desktop Tablet filter

Even if we’ve chosen the Desktop /Tablet filter, your mobile uses will not suffer since the template also displays various functions when using most smartphones.

For the template, we are going for the Shopping template:

 exit popups-Shopping template

Any online shop will find the Shopping template useful for its shop since it displays the call to action on the right side and the product or brand on the left.

Before you click on the Start building button, you first need to name and assign your campaign to your WooCommerce website:

 exit popups-Start Building

When you are done with that, you’ll be ready to design your popup.

2. Designing Your Campaign

We are not going into too many details about designing a popup campaign. This shouldn’t bother you because it’s quite simple.

What you need to know in the meantime is that it’s possible to change any aspect of your campaign using a few clicks. Simply click on the text elements if you want to change how the text looks. This will pull up the editing tools from the left:

 exit popups-click on the text elements

Changing the image is also easy, and you can do it by going to your editor and clicking on the image block in your editor:

 exit popups-clicking on the image block

The +Add Block button allows you to add extra elements if you feel the need to do so. This is found at the top of the editor:

 exit popups-click Add Block

Some of the new features that you can add to your campaign by doing that include:

· Button

· Video

· ChatBot

· Text

· Divider

· Images

· Countdown Timer

· Element Block Options and more.

 exit popups-blocks

Just drag and drop the selected block into place, and you are done:

 exit popups-drag and drop it

Customizing your popup to suit your brand’s style, message, and voice is also possible. This will help you meet your company’s goals. Popups are also good for:

· Growing an email list

· Increasing page views

· Generating more profits

· Getting a huge following in social media and more.

What you want to achieve with your popup will determine its design. In this guide, the purpose of our popup is to increase more sales. Therefore, the popup needs to display a site-wide sale of your e-commerce store.

 exit popups-popup demo

Once you finish designing how the popup should look like, what follows is choosing where you want to place the popup on your site.

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3. Displaying Your WooCommerce Popup

Knowing the purpose of your WooCommerce popup will help you set up the display rules. How you created your popup determines when and where you are going to place your campaign. The goodness of using OptinMonster is that they reach your goals by customizing your campaign display rules.

To do this, head over to the top of the editor and navigate to Display Rules:

 exit popups-Display Your BigCommerce

The default settings have two display rules set:

· Time on page is at least 5 seconds

· Current URL path is any page

This means your popup will be seen by online users for more than 5 seconds, no matter the page they are on.

We will change the 1st condition, but we leave the second condition the way it is. This will make the popup campaign show on every page. The second condition will change to use an Exit-Intent® trigger.

 exit popups-Exit Intent

This way, every Time a visitor shows signs of leaving the site, the Exit-Intent® will trigger a display of your popup campaign. This nifty feature was used on desktops only in the past. Nowadays, it’s possible to trigger it on mobile devices. The Exit-Intent® feature is quite reliable, and it’s behind the success of Crossrope by boosting its email list by 900% in only one month!

You can change this condition by bringing up your targeting and trigger option when you click the Time on the page field box. Look for Exit-Intent® and click on it:

After that, the next thing is to pick the type of device you want to use with your exit-intent popup. You can choose all devices, mobile devices only, or desktop only:

 exit popups-Exit Intent popup

The best choice is all devices; therefore, select Your safest bet is likely on all devices. Then you simply need to select your Exit-Intent® Sensitivity:

 exit popups-Exit Intent® Sensitivity

Let’s set it to Medium since it comes by default.

But remember that Low and Medium sensitivity on mobile devices created a scroll up trigger. On the other hand, high sensitivity creates a back button trigger.

The campaign will have an exit-intent trigger on every page of your site and all devices by applying these settings. To completely have a personalized popup campaign, you can customize the settings as much as you want.

Before commencing ahead, let’s take a brief look at another display trigger feature of OptinMonster.

On the dropdown menu for your trigger options, click on the eCommerce category:

 exit popups-eCommerce category

Here, you will see options for exclusive use on WooCommerce stores and WooCommerce carts:

· Total

· Contains

· Subtotal

 exit popups-BigCommerce Cart

With these trigger options, you can go a step further in your customer targeting in WooCommerce. The triggers also help you to prevent cart abandonment, based on your popup’s goals. They also help to make product suggestions to customers and more.

After setting proper display rules for your popup campaign, all you need to do is click on the Save button and Publish the popup.

That’s all you need to do to add a popup campaign to your WooCommerce website using OptinMonster. Now, get ready to experience an increase in sales in your store.

We will now shift our attention to building effective campaigns in your WooCommerce store to generate more profits.

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Generating More Sales Using 3 Effective with Your Popup

To use your popup properly to increase your site’s overall sales, here are three actionable methods you can use:

1. Running Promos or Sales

 exit popups-Running Sales or Promotions

Running a site-wide sales or promotion is among the simplest ways to push sales up on your website. That is what we’ve just finished doing in this guide by building a popup:

2. Upselling Products

When you want your users to spend more at the checkout process, the best thing to do is upsell. To recommend targeted products, the data that you have obtained from your users will help you.

You can show your customer a promo about jeans if you know he or she has been looking for jeans. Using the triggers we’ve mentioned in this article, such as a Cart Contains trigger, will help make your popups more personal.

 exit popups-Upselling Products

Once a user puts a product in the cart, related products can be displayed to make an upsell. Another way is to make upsell suggestions on specific product pages using the Page-Level targeting.

3. Reducing Cart Abandonment

One of the biggest problems that online stores face is cart abandonment. To show you how serious it is, stores suffer over $4 trillion in lost eCommerce sales every year!

One of the easiest ways to prevent cart abandonment is to re-engage your customers by creating a popup when they want to abandon their carts. You can use the Exit-Intent® popup we talked about in this guide.

Check Out the Quick Video Review On Create Exit Popups for WooCommerce

Source: OptinMonster


That’s all when you want to add a popup on your WooCommerce website with OptinMonster. We are hopeful that this guide has shed enough light on how to add a popup on your e-commerce website. Don’t forget to apply the three useful tips we have mentioned to boost sales on your websites using popups. You are free to share this guide with anyone you like or leave a comment in the comments section.

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