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How to Create Online Donation Forms for Nonprofits

How to Create Online Donation Forms for Nonprofits Featured Image NMTalks

Nonprofit organizations need money to run their activities. They depend on donors to get the funds. Thus, they need a donation form to present to donors. If you are running a charity or nonprofit organization with WordPress, you can create a form and benefit from donor funds. Below are the steps to create donation forms.

Why Create a Donation Form on WordPress

Paypal is a great platform to receive donor funds. But, it would be better if you had a custom donation form. The benefits of a donation form include:

  • It keeps your website professional
  • Donors fill out all the necessary information
  • Donors subscribe to your regular newsletters
  • You can use other payment platforms besides Paypal
  • You can link the forms with third-party software.

As you see, there are plenty of benefits that come with the donation forms. Also, the plugins within WordPress makes the process of creating forms easy and fast.

Create a Custom Donation Form

donation form - create custom donation form

You can use one of the several plugins to create a custom donation form. In this article, we will go through making a custom donation form using the WPForms plugin.

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First, if you do not have the plugin, you can download and install it. When the WPForms is all set, click on add new. Enter the form name, and several templates will pop up. Select the donation form template, then proceed to build the form.

Customize the fields in the form to suit your details.

donation form - customize fields

You can add several fields using the drag and drop method. Click on the fields and make any necessary changes. Single item fields are the best when creating donation forms. But, if need be, you can use the drop-down list fields or the multiple item field.

When using multiple items, you expect some fixed donations( I am sure you have seen such forms). But, you should leave one field open for any amount- not everyone can afford your requests. Others may want to exceed the highest amount you have indicated. Customize the ‘enter amount’ field to bring the single item field when it is selected. Set that all the fields are required before hitting the submit button.

Configure the form’s settings. Go to the general settings and make necessary changes. Save the settings the proceed to the form’s notifications. Default notifications allow WordPress to send you an email whenever a donation is submitted. You can use the smart tags to direct the notification to the donor.

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Set Up Payment Integration

donation form- payment integration

You will need one or more payment platforms to receive payments from donors. Thus, you need to configure the payment settings. You can use Paypal, Stripe, or with WPForms. Install and activate one or all the three add-ons to your WordPress account. Then, configure the settings on all the add ons. Click on save.

Insert the Donation Form to WordPress

Once your donation form is complete, you need to embed it into your website. You can add the form on the sidebar widget, blog post, or even pages.


When you follow the steps above, you will create donation forms and integrate them into your website. Combine the forms with internet marketing strategies. It will enable you to reach many potential donors.

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