Principles and Advantages of Cooling Flow Meter

Principles and Advantages of Cooling Flow Meter Featured Image NMTalks 1

Flow meters are an integral part of our daily lives and are used to gauge fluid flow at home and in factories. Each flow meter is based on a simple design or to enhance its efficiency over a fluid’s properties and the working environment of the liquid.

A Cooling Flow Meter is used to measure the flow rate in factories and maintain a low temperature in the fluid to avoid overheating. The coolant flow meter is vital in places where hot gas and liquid make most of the gauged fluid. Hot fluid can damage pipes and lead to injury if one interacts with the pipes without a coolant flow meter. The coolant flow meter is unique as it uses molecular heat transfer to gauge the fluids flow rate. Some sectors like die casting have hot fluids; full control of the setup’s heat conditions is crucial in assuring the final good’s quality.

The Cooling flow meter enables strict cooling by monitoring the heat at the outlet and inlet of a pipe in the setup and the flow rate to keep the heat in check. That is one of the many places that use the Cooling Flow Meter for accurate gauge, though it has integral.

How it works

Cooling Flow Meter- Coolant Flow Meter

There are two main types of cooling meter, those that use thermal profiling and those that use thermal dispersion. Each relies on heat sensors that are heated by the fluid while they absorb heat from it. The heat change is also vital in taking the flow rate. You can get the flow rate by looking at the heat difference between the heated sensor and the temperature sensor.

The amount of Watts needed to keep the heat difference is pro-rata to the flow rate. Each meter relies on the fluid’s thermal properties; hence each meter is attuned to the liquid. Another part of the flow meter is heated at variable power to keep the needed heat difference.

Pros of the meter

  • The meters are not reliant on the states of the fluid, such as heat and pressure.
  • You can use the meter to gauge the flow rate directly.
  • The flow meter has a high sensitivity to gauge for accurate readings.
  • There are no moving parts in the meter hence low risk of wear and tear.
  • The meter is designed to work with all pipe sizes.

Trendy cooling meters

If you need to install the coolant meter, you can choose from the blow meters:

  • Insertion flow meter
  • Bypass flow meter
  • Inline flow meter
  • Hotwire anemometer

Final Word

A cooling flow meter is crucial to a proper working setup that has hot fluid. That is due to the fluids overheating when unmanned. Due to this, the flow meter is used in factory automation of cooling water to save costs.

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