Coolant Flow Meter : Types of Cooling Flow Meters

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A coolant flow meter is a vital tool utilized in most industries to prevent overheating the machines, which may lead to damage. For example, this can happen when the metal-moving parts touch each other in quick movements. So, when they come in close contact, friction will occur, resulting in overheating.

But a coolant application helps reduce that heat, preventing the machine from being damaged. Generally, these machines include automotive welding, cutting and welding machines, car engines, and other products involving the fast movement of metal parts.

Types of Cooling Flow Meters

  • Liquid-to-liquid
  • Chilled water system
  • Open-loop evaporative system
  • Closed-loop dry flowmeters and a closed-loop dry system with trim cooling


This cooling system is pretty straightforward as it involves (well) water to cool down the compressor. And this helps to cool off the compressor from the intermediate heat exchanger. This coolant flow meter is ideal for users with well water around their workshop.

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Closed-loop Dry Flowmeters

A closed-loop dry is a system that cools the coolant fluid by air. It uses a similar principle to a car radiator. A closed-loop dry cooling system works in the same principle as the car radiator. The coolant gets pumped through the fine tubes and transfers the heat into the outside ambient air. Other parts of this meter include fans, pump, control skid, and the piping system.

Chilled Water System

Chilled water systems work by cooling a building when the weather is pretty hot. And through the refrigerator cycle, the chiller removes heat from the water. So, it uses chilled water to absorb heat from the building’s spaces.

Closed-loop Cooling Systems

The design of this system helps isolate the air in the enclosure from the ambient air. And this coolant flow meter removes the heat from the enclosure and doesn’t allow the ambient air inside. So, if you want to protect sensitive equipment against dust, this is an ideal solution for you.

Open-loop Evaporative System

And this is an open tower with an inbuilt closed-loop exchanger. It flows from the tower and into the load and back again. But the tower water remains outside the tower and doesn’t flow in the coolant piping. And what is this coolant piping? It’s a closed-loop containing a glycol/water solution.

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In Conclusion

A coolant flow meter help determine the amount of coolant liquid in a system. So, it alerts you when it detects the temperature of the coolant fluid is too high or losing heat. And you can take the necessary action to prevent damaging the machine. A user must always use the appropriate coolant flow meter that matches the application for practical use. If you’re unsure about a suitable device, you can ask your seller to explain the ideal equipment based on your need.

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