6 Best Free Drawing Software for Artist in [2020]

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The digital world is rapidly adding innovations and technology into its shed, and now artists finally have an opportunity to showcase their talent by using the drawing software. So, what is drawing software exactly? It is a software that includes elements, components, clip arts, and many more things using which artists can make graphics. The year 2020 is going on, and now the technology is increasing at a super-speed, and there is no available software using which you can make drawings and graphics for free.

Let us see which are the 6 software that artists can use.

5 Best Free Drawing Software for Artist:

1. Sketchbook

Best Free Drawing Software-sketchbook

SketchBook is one of the most prominent software specially developed for an artist who keeps on looking for engineers, designers, students’ posters, and more.

Are you being one of those who is looking for any of these drawing services, then you can use the SketchBook software for doing your tasks.

2. Krita

Best Free Drawing Software-krita

The Krita drawing software can be used on MAC, Linux, and Windows operating systems easily. The tool is straightforward to use, and you can choose colors from pallets, and also choose components to make drawings.

3. Mischief

Best Free Drawing Software-mischief

Mischief is one of the most popular software that can be used by an artist to make drawings. If you want to use the software, then you will be asked to pay a minimal amount of $25, else using the free version, also, you can make drawings.

4. MyPaint

Best Free Drawing Software-mypaint

If you are looking for a lightweight software, then you must choose the MyPaint drawing software is the best one that you can choose.

The software is quick to learn, and different types of options are available to choose to make drawings. The software is free to use and can be used for painting, and drawing sketches, and more.

5. Painter

Best Free Drawing Software-painter

As the name suggests, the Painter is the software using which you can draw professional drawings, that you can show in interviews and also improve your drawing skills if you are in the learning phase.

6. Clip Studio Paint

Best Free Drawing Software-clip studio paint

Clip Studio Paint is a digital platform for making drawings, and the software is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS. You can easily download the software and use it to make impressive graphics.

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Source: Brad Colbow


Mentioned above are the 6-drawing software that artists can use in the year 2020. The technology world is getting filled with innovations every day, and in the coming future, everything will become available at your fingertips, and it might be possible that you will leave a lot of offline things that you do.

Like meeting your friends will become more comfortable because of the augmentation reality that will be introduced soon in the internet world.

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