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Top 5 Facts About Beard Hair Transplant


Beardless men suffered the shame of looking less masculine until 2014. It was in 2014 that the beard transplant came to fame. There were a few such transplants, but only a few people sought the services. Now you have a choice to remain beardless or have a facial hair surgery to attain a natural-looking beard.
However, just as with any other corrective surgery, there are several myths about the practice. It is up to you to research the facts about beard transplants before you have one. Now since you are searching, you have got to the right place. Below are the top 5 facts about facial hair transplant that you should know

Beard Transplant Procedure is Similar to Hair Transplant

Beard transplant- Beard Transplant Procedure

Are you aware of the hair transplant process? It’s similar to a beard transplant. The only difference is the recipient area. Follicular unit extraction is the preferred method of transplant. This is because it leaves no scar and has minimal chances of infection. Also, you’ll recover within a short time.

You Get the Beard Grafts From Your Scalp

You may wonder where the doctor will get hair that will suit a beard. Worry no more. They will extract hair from your scalp and hair transplant it to the beard area. It ensures that the hair you get is safe for your skin. You know it could bring you some complications should they extract the hair from another person.

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The Procedure Takes a Maximum of 4 Hours

Although beard transplant is classified under minor surgeries, it takes the doctors around four hours to complete. However, the process will take place in the doctor’s office, and all you will need is local anesthesia. Do not take the risk of getting an appointment with a doctor promising you to complete the procedure in under two hours. The results may be terrible, or even you suffer from nerve injury.

It is Permanent

There’s nothing as exciting as knowing the beard transplant is permanent. You will never have to do a repeat procedure for any reason. Well, maybe the only way you can lose your beard is through burns on the face. However, you will have your beards to old age.

There are Minimal Risks Involved

There are minimal risks involved with beard transplant than you may think. First, it is a minor surgery, and all you may experience is some pain for the first two days. If the doctor handles everything with hygiene, you will not suffer any infections on the scalp and beard area.
You can resume work the following day after surgery. It makes it one of the safest Beverly hills hair surgeries you can have. Other minor effects include itching, swelling of the face, numbness, and dizziness.

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Final Word

Facial hair transplant is a revolutionary procedure that can face your appearance. Men have a beard transplant to boost their esteem and masculinity. It also makes them look more handsome. Also, the price of a facial hair transplant is relatively lower than the head hair transplant.

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