Beard Implant: How Much Does a Beard Transplant Cost?

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With no care, you won’t be able to grow the beard of your dreams. For many men, it is a common question: “How can I grow a full and dense beard?” “How much does a beard transplant cost ?” Keeping and combing a beard that isn’t thick enough is more challenging to keep up and clean.

As soon as you think about getting a beard transplant, how much it will cost is the next thing that comes to mind. So if we can, we’ll do our best to give you as much information as possible about the therapy, how much it costs, and what it can do for you.

Are there any paths to getting a new beard?

Many men don’t see any change in their hair growth even if they follow all of these rules. This could be because of their genes. Because no therapy can help you grow beard hair, you can’t use it if you don’t have enough strands to start with. Treatment or medicine will work if there are hair follicles in the beard area where it is. A lot of time and attention is paid to every hair transplant.

Types of Beard Graft Surgery

You can have your hair transplanted, but there are two ways you can do it.
FUE transplant: A single donor hair root is taken and implanted one at a time.
FUT Beard Transplant: Microscopically, each hair root is transplanted from the donor area in this process.

FUT Beard Transplant

Is It Safe?

Yes, a beard transplant is entirely safe, but there are a few things to consider before doing it. First, you must follow the doctor’s advice. It would help if you started taking your prescriptions ten days before your surgery, as your doctor told you.

If you get enough vitamin C and eat a balanced diet, you might be able to get better faster.

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Transplants have Precautions to Consider

To make sure you don’t get a beard transplant, there are a few things you need to think about.

  • The area that was moved may grow a little.
  • The transplanted area may also turn red, which is expected.
  • Afterward, you might have a few minor bruises.
  • A transplant costs money, and you have to pay for it
  • Every place that does beard transplants charges a different price.
  • It all comes down to the clinic’s facilities and where it is.
  • The beard transplant cost is also affected by the surgeon.
  • As part of the process, around 900 to 1200 grafts are needed.


In this summary, we’ll show you how things work:


Your doctor will first shave the area of your head where the hair will be removed, no matter if you’ve chosen an FUE or a FUT procedure.

Because of this, they can see the hair follicles in a more precise way.


Implants are then put in the area where anesthesia was put in after harvesting follicles from your head. After the surgery, the doctor will shape your beard by implanting each strand into your face skin like you agreed to before surgery.


After the beard implant surgery, you’ll need a day to rest. As time goes on, some crust may form around the hair follicle. However, it should be easy to shave and trim when your new beard grows.

Two or three weeks may pass before your beard grows new hairs. But, in the long run, new hair will grow to replace the hair that is thinning.
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Know About Cost

You will be surprised to know that there is no fixed cost bound when it approaches having a beard transplantation process. It may vary from $3000-$7000. Many factors may be considered behind it, and for better assistance, you need to visit an expert to get the final cost. They will analyze your beard condition and let you know the exact figure.

To Sum It Up

There are many ways to get a fuller beard, like having a beard implanted into your face. Invasive and costly, but the results last for a long time. A long scar on your head may be hidden by hair growth or a group of small spots that are often hard to tell apart.

After knowing the cost of beard implants, aside from having implanted beard hair, you can use minoxidil on your face and use beard supplements to grow more beard hair. You might not have facial hair because of your genes, but there are ways to get it.

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