What is the Significance of Urgent Care Clinics in Daily Life?

arleta urgent care clinic -What is the Significance of Urgent Care Clinics in Daily Life?

Your health is more important than anything else in this work. Without good health, you can’t be productive in any way. It is always advisable to go for routine annual checks in Arleta urgent care clinic to check whether you are healthy or you are developing underlying health issues. Various healthcare facilities are available to offer different healthcare services, including primary care. Today, we are focusing on urgent care clinics to understand better the kind of health care services they offer. Before we do that, let’s first explain to you what urgent care clinics are

What are urgent care clinics?

Urgent care clinics belong to a category of healthcare facilities called walk-in care. Unlike other health care facilities such as hospitals or emergency rooms, urgent care clinics don’t keep medical records of patients. If you are going to look for medical or health care services from Arleta urgent care clinic, you will have to carry with you your medical records. Together with these documents, you also need to submit a list of prescription drugs that you are currently on. An updated insurance document and diagnostic information are also required by the doctor at Arleta urgent care clinic.

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Health care services offered by urgent care clinics

Although urgent care centers offer healthcare services outside emergency rooms and hospitals, they offer almost similar healthcare services. The difference between urgent clinics and emergency rooms is that urgent care clinics only deal with minor illnesses and injuries. On the other hand, emergency rooms are set up to deal with medical or health care issues that are life-threatening. Urgent care clinics also offer immediate health care services that are time-sensitive. Exampled are health care services that toy is going to get from urgent care clinics, including:

Pap smear testing

Pap smears tests are very vital tests that every woman who is over 21 years needs to take. This type of cancer screening test is done to detect the presence of precancerous cells in the cervix. It should be done once every three years to catch abnormal cells before they turn into cancerous cells that can cause cervical cancer. If you are sexually active, you are at risk of developing cervical cancer. A Pap smear test is often performed with the pelvic exam or an HPV test. The kind of medical professional who performs this test is called a gynecologist or an ob-gyn.

X-Ray imaging

Another important health care service that you should be able to get at an urgent care center is x-ray imaging. This type of medical test is usually done on patients who have sustained internal injuries. It could be a broken bone or if a child has ingested an object or harmful substance. X-ray machines are also used to check infection, especially in the chest cavity. An urgent care doctor may ask you to take an x-ray test of the chest to diagnose if you have pneumonia, Covid-19, or any other respiratory condition.


Physicals are also offered by urgent care centers. Your child may need to undergo a physical test to gauge whether he or she is in good physical condition to participate in any contact sport. This is a mandatory evaluation that every child who wants to participate in a school sporting event should undergo.

Minor burns and injuries

If you have suffered a little injury or a burn, there is no need to seek medical attention from an emergency room. These facilities are set up to handle illnesses and injuries that are life-threatening. You will be forced to wait for long hours before getting treatment. If you are near an urgent care clinic, you can just go there and receive immediate diagnosis and treatment. Urgent care clinics also offer affordable health care services compared to hospitals and emergency rooms. When treating a minor burn or injury, the doctor will start by cleaning the injured area with clean water. After that, he or she will apply topical antibiotics to prevent infections and then dress up the wound.

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Urgent care clinics are important health care clinics in your locality because they offer time-sensitive health care services. You will receive an immediate response once you enter an urgent care clinic. If your primary care doctor has traveled or is not available at the moment, the best option to seek medical attention is an urgent care clinic. Urgent care clinics offer patients high-quality health care services even if they don’t have insurance. You will, however, need to carry your medical records with you because urgent care facilities don’t keep individual medical records.

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