7 Best Contact Forms To Use With Mailchimp

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If you are hunting for a contact form plugin to go with MailChimp’s email marketing tool, so now you are at the right place. Thus, you need not worry about gathering the data from your website visitors and organizing the data. At this moment, we have mentioned a few of the top contact forms to be utilized with Mailchimp.

As you might be aware, a contact form is a professional mode that lets your website visitors connect with you whenever they feel like it. Not only restricted to this only but also enhance the website’s brand image within the audience.

Therefore, without too much discussion, let us get started. But before going into the main topic, let’s have a glance at the Mailchimp tool.

What is Mailchimp?

What is MailChimp-mailchimp contact form

Founded in 2001, Mailchimp is one of the robust email marketing mediums. About 20 million users have used it. It has the best features to form professional quality. It also manages your email marketing campaigns. You can easily and promptly form engaging email content through the drag and drop interface.

This mode also comprises features that let you gain subscribers and record your campaigns’ performance. It is also assisted by built-in social media podiums involving Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and google+.

Best Contact Forms To Use With Mailchimp

Whether it is a blogger, affiliate marketer, or digital marketer, maintaining the record of your website visitor is important. MailChimp offers you the tool to indulge your viewers and grow relationships with them. It is resulting in you in profit by boosting your consumer base. Now let us get to the main point discussing the best contact forms that could be used with MailChimp.

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wpforms-mailchimp contact form

WPForms is one of the perfect forms for creating plugins for WordPress. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced coder, you can form a responsive contact form by using a drag and drop form builder for your website and modifying your visitor’s usability.

Utilizing WPForm, you can also create a comment section, subscription form, payment forms, and other essential forms without any code.

Here are some of the premium points that you will get in their premium plans:

  • Here you can build an infinite number of forms.
  • The option of conditional logic is available to regulate the visibility of the field.
  • Multi-page form option available.
  • Smart captcha and spam security with all plans.

Gravity Forms

gravity forms-mailchimp contact form

Gravity forms are an efficient and most reliable form builder plugin that supports you in developing the best looking for your WordPress website. Applying this easy-to-use visual form builder, you can build any form, such as contact forms, newsletters, user registration, quizzes, and much more.

Gravity forms offer about 30 ready-made form fields. So it becomes easy to make the choice that you aspire to use and build responsive forms for your WordPress website. Other than that, this plugin provides full control over form personalization and user management.

Features that make Gravity Forms an excellent choice:

  • Simple to use and efficient forms of the creator.
  • You can display or hide fields, sections, and even a submission button using the conditional logic feature.
  • The file upload option is also there for both documents or media files.
  • Skills to form multi-page forms with save-progress buttons.

Formidable Forms

formidable forms-mailchimp contact form

Formidable Forms is another of the best WordPress plugins that give you an initiative form builder to build any form for your website or blog. You can make the highly featured forms within a fraction of minutes without hiring a developer through this plugin.

So if you are seeking an efficient form creator with hi-tech features for your WordPress website, then formidable forms are the best choice to pick.

Features that make Formidable Forms a great option:

  • Multi-page forms with progress bar.
  • Let your visitors include new fields while filling out forms.
  • Agenda forms & restricted responses.
  •  The updated file upload option is available.

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Ninja Forms

ninja forms-mailchimp contact form

Ninja Forms is also a very traditional WordPress plugin that lets you build eye-catching forms for your site. It includes about 20 million downloads. Therefore, it is the best-selling plugin with highly advanced traits and the best customer support.

Following are some of the cool features

  • Reveal and sneak the fields with conditional logic.
  • Multi-step forms choice for lengthier forms.
  • Advanced and responsive drag and drop form builder.
  • Let users upload files.

Contact Form 7

contact form 7-mailchimp contact form

Contact form 7 is another popular best contact form developer plugins for WordPress. It has about 5 million active downloads on WordPress. You can now imagine the fame of this plugin.

This plugin is easy to use, safe, and free contact form solution for your WordPress website or blog. Through this plugin, you can swiftly develop contact forms on your WordPress posts and pages applying shortcodes.

Traits that you will receive with the Contact Form 7 plugin

  • You can design and handle various contact forms.
  • Customize form fields with efficiency.
  • Use accessible markup to change mail content.


With over 10 million users global, JotForm is another best choice for generating forms on your WordPress website. With this contractor, you can create payment forms, lead generation forms, booking forms, contact forms, inquiry forms, and more. This plugin also has a potent drag and drop form builder, which lets you formulate the best appearing forms for your website.



Last but not least, Typeform is one of the most reliable forms of builder conversational forms and surveys. It gives an easy and natural drag and drops form builder with tons of points to create any form, such as registration forms, contact forms, comment forms, survey forms, etc.

Aside from that, it gives a wide range of pre-designed form templates, which will save you time and help you grow your business performance.

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Source: WordPress Tutorials – WPLearningLab

Final Thoughts

Above, we have discussed the 7 best contact forms to utilize with Mailchimp. Although several options are obtainable in the market, we have mentioned only those highly suggested by the traders’ expertise. These plugins have everything that your business needs for boosting its sales and traffic online. After all, it also depends upon your choice and budget.

Therefore, if you liked the article, you can recommend it to your friends, and if you feel any confusion or is still confused, you can ask them in the comment section.

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