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1337x is a popular torrent website that uses the BitTorrent protocol to provide a catalog of torrent files and magnetic links. It supports peer-to-peer file sharing, and both seeders and leechers world over enjoy torrenting on it. There is an array of things you can do on 1337x. You can download movies, music, videos, Tv series, and more. Sadly, a banning wave is sweeping through the world of torrenting, and 1337x is a victim. However, 1337x enthusiasts can use a 1337x proxy to continue enjoying their torrenting experience.

Has your ISP blocked 1337x where you reside? Well, governments are imposing a blockade on torrenting to curb online piracy. Countries like the US, Canada, and the UK have slapped a ban on 1337x and some other torrenting websites. Luckily, using a 1337x proxy will do you the trick if you still want to enjoy 1337x services.

1337x Proxy - 1337x Torrent Unblock

We invite you to read on to get insights into how you can continue enjoying your 1337x services.

What Is a 1337x Proxy?

A 1337x proxy is a website that acts as an agent for requests from clients seeking resources from the 1337x. It is a 1337x proxy unblock tool lets you access all content found on the 1337x website. The host servers for the proxies are in countries where there is no 1337x blockade. Here is a list of some of 1337x proxies:


Besides the 1337x proxy unblock tools, you can also use 1337x mirrors to access content on the 1337x proxy website. A 1337x mirror is a clone of 1337x proxy and has a different google domain name. Also, a 1337x mirror is hosted on a different server. You get the same degree of privacy whether you are using a 1337x proxy or mirror to connect to 1337x

If you wish, you can as well get 1337x unblocked using a virtual private network (VPN). Most VPNs can unblock content that governments and Internet service providers block for different reasons. ExpressVPN, VyprVPN, IPVanish, and NordVPN are some of the many VPN solutions that get 1337x unblocked with much ease.

However, unlike a 1337x proxy, you have to pay for VPN services. The prices vary from vendor to vendor, and different vendors have different package plans. But most of them have monthly and annual plans to allow you the freedom to choose the plan you are comfortable with.

Is There an Alternative to 1337x and a 1337x Proxy?

Most of the content found on 1337x, and its proxies can be found on other torrenting sites. However, you should be careful because the security of some of the sites may not be as the one you enjoy on 1337x proxy.

The Pirate Bay

1337x Proxy -Pirate bay

The pirate bay, popularly known as TPB is one of the oldest torrenting sites on the web. It offers a broad range of torrents that cut across major categories. TPB has a feature that shows you whether a particular seeder is trustworthy or otherwise. For safety, look for VIP seeders to avoid downloading malicious malware content to your computer. Note that the site is down most of the time. But you can connect to it via its proxies.

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1337x Proxy -limetorrents

This platform’s popularity is growing at a fast pace. Besides, it has a massive library, and the content is verified. The content ranges from movies to games, and you can see the number of seeders and leechers on the site. The torrents have a health meter to help you spot malicious content and hence avoid downloading it.

Lime Torrents has an interface that is easy to navigate and has a bunch of features. It is one of the highly recommended torrent directories due to the legitimacy of its content.


1337x Proxy -RARBG

Movie devotees love this platform because of the movies with high definitions that make great viewing, i.e., 720p, and 1080p.RARBG proxy has, debatably, the largest database of movies on the web for free. It provides torrent files and magnet links and supports P2P file sharing via BitTorrent protocols. Plus, you can preview TV shows and movies. You can get the latest blockbusters on the platform, and the user interface is also simple and easy to navigate. Finding what you are looking for is easy because it has search and filtering options.


1337x Proxy -torlock

TORLOCK is arguably one of the best alternatives to 1337x proxy. It features a great design and is easy to search. Additionally, the site is devoid of fake torrents, and it pays you $1 for each fake torrent you may find on the platform.

The top 100 list lets you know about popular content from a particular category you may want to view. The site claims to have over 5 million verified torrents. It means you have a higher chance of getting the content you may want to download.


1337x Proxy -ytsam

This is yet another great platform for movie fans. If you are looking for the latest and classic movies to download, the site doesn’t disappoint. It has suffered the same fate as 1337x by being banned and blocked on several occasions.

There are many proxies and mirrors you can use to access the site and continue enjoying what it has to offer. Additionally, the download speeds are considerably fast and do not consume a lot of bandwidth. You can also register on the platform and request for specific content.


1337x Proxy -torrentdownloads

Yet another popular torrenting website much as it has a basic design. It is a source for a wide range of torrents, including TV shows, games, movies, and more. The search and filtering menus enable you to get concise results. Downloading content is relatively a breeze due to its great speed.

Another upside is that fake torrents are removed from the site as soon as possible. Besides, there is a comments section where users can give views on downloaded content. That reduces the odds of downloading fake or malicious content that might cause inconveniences on your computer.

If you are looking for podcasts and e-books, there is a wide collection here. TorrentDownloads is among the best sites where you can find reliable torrents.

ETTV Torrents

1337x Proxy -ettv

One of the most infamous torrent websites on the web, ETTV, has been taken down a couple of times. Other players in the torrenting industry have accused it of stealing content from them.

But that aside, you can still download your torrents from ETTV. There are many TV shows available both from the olden days and the latest ones. Moreover, you can get obscure TV shows and movies to download.


1337x Proxy -torrentz2

Torrentz2 is not a torrent site but an index site of torrents. It indexes torrents from other websites and provides links to the sites. Therefore, you will find many options for downloading content from different sources on the internet. So there is a higher possibility of getting that movie you look forward to watching.

You can also find appropriate video games to download. But why the name Torrentz2? There is a reason. This is a clone for the original website known as that was taken down.

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Torrent Galaxy

1337x Proxy -torrent glaxy

Torrent Galaxy may not be very popular but is a good torrent site. Plus, it has a simple but elegant design and lots of torrents on its database. The process for searching content is easy, whether you are looking for movies, games, TV shows, or other torrents.

However, consider using an adblocker. You will encounter some NSFW ads when browsing the site.

1337x Proxy -nayasi

If you are searching for anime content, your search stops at It has other types of torrents plus movies and TV shows. It has plenty of movies from the Far East, and the torrents are friendly to your bandwidth.


1337x Proxy -eztv

EZTV is one of the best platforms for torrent files on the web if you are a lover of TV shows. Accusations of stealing content have been leveled against it by some competitors, but the site has managed to stay on the web, even so.

It is packed with a wide variety of features that make your torrenting experience enjoyable. One of the notable features is the anonymity checker that features on the main page. Like many other torrenting sites, EZTV suffers frequent downtime but keeps on resurfacing on the web.


1337x Proxy -torrentfunk

TorrentFunk is yet another popular torrenting site with verified content. You can download music, TV shows, movies, anime, and software. The download speed is fast, and torrent verification reduces the likelihood of downloading malware to your computer.


1337x Proxy -YourBittorrent

YourBittorrent is a torrent tracking website. It does not host torrent files but stores information about the sources where you can find the files. You can access music, movies, software, and more. Supports the P2P BitTorrent network. The site has a policy for removing illegal trackers when legitimate parties place a request for the same.


1337x Proxy -7tor VPN

7tor is a Russian torrent website. It has a large database offering TV shows, video games, movies, and other stuff. Plus, content downloading is real, quick, and convenient. 7tor is a torrent site of choice if you are into obscure content. But the servers are unstable and have frequent downtime.

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Final Words

The blocking of 1337x proxy should be no damper to enjoying the services the torrenting site offers. You can still use a 1337x proxy or mirror to connect to the site and access its content from whichever geographical location you reside in. What is more, alternative sites are offering similar services as 1337x. You can as well invest in a VPN that can unblock content that has been blocked by your ISP or the government. Use any of the three options discussed in this article to gain access to 1337x content and enjoy torrenting.

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